Dr. Haluk Kulaksizoglu

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Physician, Specialist - Urology

Dr. Haluk graduated from the Istanbul University Cerrahpasa Medical Faculty in Turkey in 1991. With a Turkish Government Grant Dr. Haluk has done his fellowship in Andrology and Neuro-urology at the Boston University Medical School, MA, USA.

He has published more than 55 papers in peer-reviewed journals and presented his work in more than 70 international meetings. He has co-authored 10 books and he is internationally acknowledged as one of the key opinion leaders in the field of andrology and functional urology.

As academician, he has been the chairman of the Departments of Urology in Konya Selcuk University Medical Faculty and Istanbul Bilim University Medical Faculty. With his 24 years of experience in the field of Urology, he is both in teaching and application of his profession. His special interests are penile implant surgery, prostate diseases, urodynamic investigations, urologic prosthetic surgeries and incontinence.

Dr. Haluk is a familiar user of the most up-to-date urological technologies and is willing to provide all the evidence based new techniques in his field to his patients.


Prostate Diseases:

  • Prostate cancer screening and MR-fusion biopsy
  • Minimally invasive prostate surgery (laser, hydrodissection, REZUM, prostalift, etc.)
  • HIFU
  • Robotic prostatectomy

Male Infertility

  • Microscopic varicocelectomy
  • Micro-TESE
  • Microscopic epididymovasostomy
  • Microscopic vaso-vasostomy
  • Vasectomy 


  • Urodynamic testing and evaluation
  • PTNS (Posterior tibial nerve stimulation)
  • Sacral nerve stimulator implantation
  • Bladder Botox
  • Pelvic floor rehabilitation
  • Bladder augmentation surgery

Erectile dysfunction:

  • Penile Doppler ultrasound evaluation
  • Penile implant surgery
  • Peyronie’s Disease surgical corrections
  • Penile stem cell treatments (with or without shockwave therapy)
  • Intracavernosal injection therapies
  • Testosterone replacement therapies

Penile Cosmetic Surgery

  • Penile lengthening procedure
  • Penile enlargement surgery
  • Non-surgical penile rejuvenation therapies
  • Hypospadias surgery
  • Penile curvature correction surgery