Dr. Rieka Taghizadeh

Consultant Plastic Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgeon

Consultant Plastic Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgeon

Dr. Rieka Taghizadeh is a plastic reconstructive and aesthetic surgeon with a special interest in all aspects of cosmetic, corrective, and restorative surgery. She is a member of BAPRAS, BAAPS and ISAPS and is regularly invited as faculty and invited speaker to a number of international plastic surgery meetings. She has over 25 published articles in the field of plastic surgery and is a regular reviewer for key journals. She is on the associate editorial board of the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery journal.


Dr. Rieka completed her plastic surgery training in the Northeast of England as well as undertaking reconstructive and aesthetic fellowships in London. This was followed by a number of visiting fellowships to Germany, Finland and Barcelona prior to commencing her consultant post in the North West. She is currently the clinical lead in breast reconstruction and microsurgery as well as the chair of oncoplastic MDT. Other activities include membership of the BAPRAS breast special interest group and the UK representative for the American Society of Plastic Surgery International committee. She is on the women surgeons’ and residents training committee of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons.

Scope of Practice


Designed to enhance the shape and volume of breasts using nano textured implants. This can also be combined with the hybrid technique of lipo-modelling whereby fat is harvested using liposuction from the patient’s own body and transferred to the breast to provide coverage for the implants and improve the quality of tissue. In a group of patients who wish to have a modest enhancement of breast volume, this can be achieved with lipo-modelling alone.

To correct breast droop (ptosis) in patients who have experienced a change in breast shape with passage of time or secondary to ageing, weight loss, or breast feeding. This can also be combined with lipo-modelling to enhance tissue quality and rejuvenate the breasts.

  • Breast reduction

A number of patients suffer from neck and back pain due to the large size and weight of their breasts. A breast reduction should be a balanced approach between maintaining an aesthetically pleasing breast shape whilst removing sufficient tissue to benefit patients.

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    • Correction of Asymmetry

    Breast asymmetry can exist from of puberty or develop over time and impacts self-confidence as well as ability to wear clothing. This can be addressed through a combination of symmetrising procedures.

    • Tuberous breast deformity

    It is a developmental anomaly of the breasts. Miss Taghizadeh has extensive experience in treating this problem and the usual age of intervention is when patients have completed their breast development.

    • Removal of breast implants and capsulotecmy

    Implants may require removal if patients simply wish to return to a more natural look and feel, or if the prostheses have developed a problem. This can be combined with a capsulectomy if indicated. Following explantation, many patients are concerned about the aesthetic appearance of their breasts. Improvement of aesthetic appearance can be achieved with a combination of uplift and lipomodelling.

    This could be secondary to changes following pregnancy, fluctuation in weight or simply for any patient wishing to have a better shape and contour of their abdomen. Large personal series of abdominoplasty operations with minimal complications and high satisfaction rate.

      • Labiaplasty (female genital correction)

    An increasingly popular procedure aimed at removing excess tissue from the labia minora. This is a delicate operation that boosts self-confidence as well as address issues with discomfort and irritation. Miss Taghizadeh has extensive experience in treating this presentation. It is important to make patients feel as comfortable as possible and discuss their concerns. A labiaplasty is usually performed as a general anaesthesic day case. Recovery tends to be fast and patients can feel the benefits of the procedure relatively soon after surgery.


    Internationally recognised work on autologous breast reconstruction namely DIEP surgery using the patient’s own skin and fat from the abdomen to recreate a breast or correct breast defects. Reconstruction is carried out in both delayed and immediate setting in patients with breast cancer who have had a mastectomy or require one. Miss Taghizadeh also offers reconstruction to patients who are BRCA gene carriers and are suitable for risk reducing mastectomy and breast reconstruction. She deals with complex cases who have previously undergone abdominal surgery. Patients with previous implant based reconstruction may experience capsular contracture and firmness of their prosthesis and this is worsened with the addition of radiotherapy. The best treatment is removal of the implant and reconstruction using the patient’s own tissue.

    She has been invited as faculty member and guest speaker to several national and international meetings to present her work on breast reconstruction. Miss Taghizadeh has published a number of articles on DIEP breast reconstruction involving innovations and practice-changing work in the field. She has one of the largest single-surgeon series on diep reconstruction in high BMI patients.

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