Anal Bleaching in Dubai

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What is Anal Bleaching?

The skin between the butt and directly surrounding the anus is dark than the actual skin color due to hormonal changes, friction, and excess pigment.

People opt for anal bleaching, a safe and cosmetic procedure to lighten the skin around the anus that makes people feel more confident. Anal bleaching is also referred to as anal whitening treatment.

Dr. Alia is an expert aesthetic gynecologist in Dubai who ensures remarkable outcomes with proper anal bleaching procedures as illegitimate products and improper techniques lead to skin infection, damages, and permanent skin discoloration.




    What to expect from an anal bleaching procedure?

    You will feel a significant change in skin tone, and it will become brighter. The skin texture also changes due to the stimulation of collagen by the Femi Lift Laser.

    Each case is different with different amounts of pigmentation. Generally, Laser anal whitening includes two to six sessions for effective results. Dr. Alia, an aesthetic gynecologist, will inform you of this during the consultation.

    You can feel the change from the first month, but it depends on skin pigmentation and the number of sessions.

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