G-Spot Enhancement in Dubai

Learn more about our G-Spot Enhancement procedure

What is G-SPOT Enhancement?

 The Grafenberg spot, or G-spot, is the most popular non-surgical procedure to augment the G-spot by using dermal fillers, increasing sexual pleasure. This procedure aims to increase the G-spot size that maximizes the stimulation during intimacy and increases vaginal sensitivity.


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    What are the Benefits of G-Spot Enhancement?

    Apart from providing remarkable results, the G-spot treatment is an outpatient procedure, which is quite fast as it takes about 15 minutes to complete in the doctor’s office. It is a non-surgical procedure with minimum side effects, no sutures, and almost no downtime; you can continue the daily activities immediately after the process.


    Who is an ideal candidate for G-Spot Enhancement?

    This procedure is suited for candidates who are able to locate the G-spot area, you are in good physical and mental health, have no allergies, have a normal and healthy sexual function, and last but not least, want to improve your sex life, then this procedure is for you.

    The patient will lie on the table with legs in the stirrup, and the doctor will perform a pelvic exam to identify the G-spot area. He will keep you under local anesthesia and inject hyaluronic acid into that area. The tampon is worn after the procedure to prevent bleeding.

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