Mole Excision

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What is Mole Excision?

Moles are normal and found on almost every person in the world. They are not natural but a result of genetic evolution or mutation. Moles can be described as excessive growth of skin in a different colour which can be taken care of with the help of mole excision consultation experts in UAE.

Some people are lovely with having moles, while others often tend to dislike it. These people usually opt for mole excision surgeries where our celebrity plastic surgeons will complete the job with efficiency and expertise.

The removal of this excessive build and growth of skin is known as mole excision and can be done through mole excision consultation UAE.

When to Consider Mole Excision?

There are commonly two situations in which one might want to have a mole excision surgery. The first is the common one where people are not satisfied with a mole on their body. Moles can appear on almost any part of the body.

Hence, they can also be removed from any part of the body. People might not like the appearance of the moles on any part of their body and would want to get it removed to attain a neater and seamless look.

The other reason is much more severe and requires urgent treatment. This is for skin cancer called melanoma which can grow inside or near the mole. Hence, people who have developed the disease or want to remove the mole to decrease any chances of developing the diseases can also opt for the surgery.

Bespoke treatment plans.

The celebrity plastic surgeon will discuss your aims and objectives which you want to achieve through surgery. These include the surgery you will be opting for, the process, results, problems that might occur, what you expect from the surgery, and the post-recovery plan will be shared out with you.

However, to discuss all these, you must already discuss your lifestyle, including your physical activity at the moment and your goals.

What happens at the consultation?

It is best if you have all your questions and queries written down before you meet your surgeon. With the king of aesthetics, Dr Adnan Tahir and Dr.Rory McGoldrick will be discussing the surgical options available, their pros and cons, along with your medical history.

It is necessary that the surgeon knows about your medical history, your current medical situation and, current medications, major illnesses in the past, and habits such as smoking.

The celebrity plastic surgeon will then start examination and medical photography, which will be stored in your confidential file. Please remember that the photography, storage and usage of the photographs will be by your consent through a form which is filled before the process.

Moreover, there will be a general physical examination which will check your height, weight and other factors to determine whether you are fit for surgery or not. Recovery and how long will my results last?

All you should know about the procedure.

The surgery you choose to have depended on your needs and what you prefer.

What you need to consider.

Your surgeon will provide you with options; you have to choose the one which suits you the most.

This is a long-term solution to have a neat appearance. There are some particular risks which you should consider with the surgeon.

Excision Biopsy

The best plastic surgeon Dubai will inject you with a mild anaesthetic in the area. The anaesthetic is only strong enough to make the area numb; you will be awake throughout the entire process. Moreover, you can eat and regularly drink before and after the operation.

The entire mole is removed and also a small (2 mm) area of healthy skin. This is to prevent and take out any extension of the mole inside the skin. The removed mole is sent to a laboratory, and your wound is cleaned.

The wound might need to be closed with stitches after it has been dressed. You would need to take care of the wound, and the surgeon will guide you throughout the entire process including what you should and should not do and how to take care of the wound and what symptoms to look out for.

Wide Local Excision

The mole that your surgeon sent to the laboratory is tested to see if it is cancerous or not. If the sample is seen to be cancerous, you will be called again to the hospital for another surgery. In this process, the area will be scanned to look out for any cancer cells.

If any cells are found, they will be immediately removed. If your reports did not show any melanoma findings, then you would not have to go to the hospital again and consult with the mole excision consultation experts in UK & UAE.

Mole Excision Scars and Incisions

These two are based on the treatment you took, the size of your mole and some other factors. However, the scars will fade away after a very long time. But worry not as the king of aesthetics, Dr Adnan Tahir and Dr.Rory McGoldrick can easily make your scars go away.

Recovery and how long will my results last?

The time you need to recover, post-operative instructions, and the period prior to resuming physical activity is hypothesized before your surgery. Your situation is assessed by the best plastic surgeon Dubai, and then all these factors are predicted.

Your surgeon will let you know about what you need to look out for and how you need to take care of certain areas after the surgery. Your recovery time might be variable and dependent upon your physical ability, conditions and some other factors.

The results will last for a lifetime. This is one in a lifetime process. Once, you get it done; you can quickly expect to be relieved of the mole once and forever. Although you might need to take some precautions and act carefully in some scenarios, you are good to go otherwise.

You can remove the dressings from the wound in a few days. As for the results, you would have to wait for almost two weeks to see the results.

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