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    Regarded as one of the most recognizable signs of masculinity, the beard is now a personal style statement.

    For centuries men have groomed and shaped their facial hair to reflect their own personal styles. Patchy growth and bare spots make it difficult to grow the beard you want. Some men try and fail to grow a full beard line with an even beard because they lack the density to support the style.

    Maison Lutétia offers our male clients beard transplants, from simply filling in patches that don't grow so evenly, to giving you a full beard experience permanently.

    What is a Beard Transplant?

    The idea of hair transplantation, or the removal and re-implantation of hair, has evolved as a means of treating male baldness. Beards mustaches are now recipient areas for hair transplant procedures like the beard hair transplant. Several methods of hair transplants have emerged, and the evolution of this treatment has continued in striving for precision.

    As a hair transplant clinic in Dubai and Paris with over 30 years of experience, Maison Lutétia employs specialized method of implantation the follicles individually one by one, which is one of the most advanced technologies in this field.

    Tiny incisions are used in the recipient area under only a local anesthesia, with donor area (usually scalp hair from the back of the head) are taken one hair follicle at a time.

    Research has shown that this method is one of the quickest and most effective beard transplant techniques that is the least invasive and the quickest to carry out. Our beard transplant procedure restores your own natural hair to your beard and/or moustache and starts with a free consultation where one of our expert specialists will understand your requirements and collaborate with you to produce a hairline design.

    From there we are able to extract the required number of hair follicles from the donor area and implant them into the beard/moustache area in accordance with the pre-determined design.

    beard transplant in dubai

    Not all hair transplants are equal though. The sessions can be very different depending on what method you choose. It is important to pick a clinic that has a reputation for excellence, one that uses a more gently method, one that values natural results. You want a clinic that provides good follow-up care, because you want those transplanted follicles to remain undamaged. You want a place that values quality over quantity. Remember: Just because a clinic transplants 3,000 follicles, doesn't mean as many will grow hair. The focus on how they are transplanted and how they are supported after the session really do matter. This is an important decision and one that will you will see the results of in the mirror for decades.

    Who is a Candidate for Beard Transplants?

    We know that a beard affects men's general appearance significantly. In many cultures, an even beard is considered charismatic and attractive, however given the reality of genetic dispositions and hereditary factors, not all men have the beard that they want. In making this decision, it is important to consider the factors that affect the frequency and hair quality of your beard. Lifestyle factors often contribute to underlying issues related to hormonal imbalances, and hair loss in your beard may be a result of one of these factors, such as below average testosterone production.

    Our team have treated candidates with a varying range of causes, these include facial scarring that has damaged the skin and hair follicles in the beard area to men who have struggled with alopecia and autoimmune diseases, as well as men who have just had a patchy beard from puberty. In all of these cases, a DHI based beard transplant has given them an evenly filled beard that achieved the look they wanted.


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