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Hair Transplant

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Thick and Luxurious Hair Can be More Than a Memory

Men and women who face thinning hair have few real options. They can let nature take its course, use shampoos to encourage hair regrowth and treatments that infuse the scalp with nutrients to encourage hair health. Micropigmentation on the scalp can camouflage thinning hair and now stem cell treatments are being researched to clone healthy hair follicles to transplant in areas that are thinning. For many, especially those who want a low-maintenance lifestyle, a hair transplant is still the best solution because it produces the best results long-term.

Transplanted hair can last for decades and requires no more maintenance than the rest of the hair on your head. That’s the reason transplants are growing in popularity year after year.

Not all hair transplants are equal. The sessions can be very different depending on what method you choose. It is important to pick a clinic that has a reputation for excellence, one that uses a gentle but effective method…. one that values natural results. You want a clinic that provides good follow-up care, because you want those transplanted follicles to remain undamaged.

Remember, just because a clinic transplants 3,000 follicles, doesn’t mean as many will grow hair. The focus on how they are transplanted and how they are supported after the session really do matter. This is an important decision and one that you will see the results of, in the mirror for decades. Make it count.

Watch Big Rossi speak about his direct hair implantation journey with Lutétia

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Hair Transplant FAQ’s

How much does it cost?
The cost of a transplant varies depending on your case. Not everyone needs the same amount of hair transplanted; we consider each case unique. A typical direct hair implantation session starts at AED 18,000.
What sort of results can I expect?
Newly implanted follicles may take a few months for the follicle to reach the growth stage in the hair cycle. You will notice a gradual increase in the growth and thickness of your hair in a matter of months. Once it all grows in, you can style it any way you prefer.
Am I a suitable candidate?
This depends on how much hair you have in your donor area, the area on the back of your head, and also on the texture of your hair. A meeting with one of our direct hair implantation advisors can provide you with all the answers.
Hair Transplant FAQ’s

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