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What is a Hair transplant?

Generally speaking, a ‘hair transplant’ involves taking hair from a dense growth of healthy hair on a person’s scalp (usually referred to as a ‘donor site’ and generally found on the backside of the scalp), and planting it on the thinner or balding areas. Over time, the area where the hair has been transplanted eventually heals, allowing healthy hair to grow back.

Thick and luxurious hair can be more than a memory with a Hair Transplant in Dubai

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The hair loss in both men and women usually occurs in their thirties and forties, but studies show that it begins just after adolescence, and progresses from there on. Research has shown that there is also an increasing evidence for the impact of hair loss on mental health and overall confidence. As we age our hair also thins. It also reveals that by the age of 30, the percentage of hair loss is 30% while the rate rises to about 50% when he or she touches 50.

Over 5,000+ Hair Transplant Patients in Paris & Dubai

The DHI method is a 21st century solution to hair loss. The hair transplant results look 100% natural. In over 5,000+ patients we have treated in Paris and London, an average survival rate of 97% in the transplanted hair follicles has been noticed.

When left alone, scalp hairs tend to grow individually or in small clusters that are known as follicular units. Follicular units can contain between two to four hairs, and the 21st Century Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) procedure that Maison Lutétia undertakes creates 100% natural looking results.

Men and women who face thinning hair have few real options. They can let nature take its course, and use shampoos to encourage hair regrowth and treatments that infuse the scalp with nutrients to encourage hair health.



    See the Results of our Dubai Hair Transplant

    Types of hair transplant

    Types of hair transplantation techniques:

    • The DHI Direct Hair Implantation (DHI), the most advanced method practiced at Maison Lutetia clinics is for follicular extraction and scalp protection. It is also trusted for its incredible natural results for patients from beard transplants to eyebrow hair transplants, and it’s hair growth for a lifetime.
    • The FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) an old fashioned method. Known to leave scares and marks with noted doll hair effect.
    • The FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) the most old-fashioned method is invasive and leaves a large scar on the donor area.
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    Are temporary solutions worth it?

    Micropigmentation on the scalp can camouflage thinning hair and now modern treatments are being researched that may help create healthy hair follicles that can be transplanted in areas that are thinning.

    For many, especially those who want a low maintenance lifestyle, a hair transplant is still the best solution because it produces the best results in the long term.

    Investing in a Hair Transplant in Dubai

    Transplanted hair with the Direct Implantation Method (DHI) at Maison Lutétia Clinic can last for decades and requires no more maintenance than the rest of the hair on your head. That’s the reason hair transplant treatments are growing in popularity as a growing number of people see the life-long value of the hair transplant cost.

    Looking to get a hair transplant in Dubai? Book an appointment or visit our hair transplant clinic in Dubai today!


    Ideal candidates for hair transplant

    The most common candidates for a hair transplant procedure are those with patterned hair loss including male pattern hair loss or androgenic alopecia (which is thinning hair that occurs in 80% of males aged 80). Female pattern hair loss is another common factor for being a candidate involving reduction of hair follicles and thinner hair, particularly in the central and frontal areas of the scalp.

    When should you consider a hair transplant?

    One of the first things to be considered is a patient’s age when it comes to a hair transplant. But it becomes all the more important to give it a careful study when it comes to young patients in the age bracket of between 20 and 30 years. They must have a controlled rate of hair growth before being a candidate for a hair transplant as there may be pros and cons to everything. The person’s family history should be given careful analysis in considering hair loss while planning  a new hairline.

    What happens during a hair transplant consultation?

    The first step a surgeon will do is run you through a couple of simple but key queries. They cover points such as the growth of your hair, your family history of hair loss if any, or if you have had a hair transplant surgery previously.

    It will also cover an in-depth understanding of your current lifestyle patterns and what your expectations for a surgery would be like, realistically.

    Current medical or chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, skin diseases and blood-related disorders are important points to be discussed with your surgeon. If you are a habitual smoker or have been prescribed with powerful drugs or medications, then it should be brought up to as they could cause complications during the procedure.

    How do you prepare for a hair transplant?

    Here are a few things to keep in mind before your procedure:

    • 2 weeks before the procedure, make sure to massage your head for about 20 – 30 minutes to enhance the elasticity of your scalp and strengthen your hair follicles.
    • Avoid the harsh UV rays of the sun before your procedure as the transplantation works best on clear soft and unburnt skin. Apply sunscreen lotions or protective hats when stepping outdoors.
    • Refrain from smoking at least for a week or two to keep your hair and skin healthy
    • Alcohol is to be avoided in keeping with the safety procedures of a hair transplant
    • Avoid strong medicines or antibiotics before a procedure unless advised by our doctors.

    What can you expect from a hair transplant?

    You can expect a new lease of life for your hair as the regrowth slowly starts taking place over a few months and can be maintained depending on the sessions you take (which also in turn, depend on the health of your hair and skin). The result is renewed confidence as you spring back into your social life once again. The benefits are not just physical, but results in overall psychological well-being.

    Why should you get a hair transplant from a reputed hair transplant clinic?

    Not all hair transplants are equal. A hair transplant surgeon working at a reputed hair transplant clinic will always be able to advise you on the different types of transplants. In fact, you can find details on the differences of these on our own website. We compare the FUE hair transplant or ‘follicular unit extraction’ and other minimally invasive transplant procedures.

    The hair transplant sessions can be very different depending on what method you choose. It is important to pick a clinic that has a reputation for excellence, one that uses a gentle but effective method…. one that values natural results. You want a hair transplant clinic that provides good follow-up care, because you want those transplanted follicles to remain undamaged.

    It is crucial to keep in mind that a hair transplant clinic transplanting 3,000 hair follicles doesn't guarantee they will flourish post-transplant. The focus on how they are transplanted and how they are supported after the session, really do matter. This is an important decision and one that you will see the results of, in the mirror for decades.


    How does Hair Transplant Surgery work?

    Hair transplant surgery generally comprises of two stages: The extraction and the implantation of hair grafts in line with the agreed hairline design.

    The transplant costs in Dubai can vary depending on the technology used.

    At our transplant clinic in Dubai, the team of advanced hair transplant surgeons are specialists in their field. We are able to use the DHI hair transplant method to extract hair follicles and implant them using only tiny incisions that leaves no scarring. Our hair transplant clinic success rate with hair growth over the long term is around 97%, with the full results emerging around twelve months after the surgery.

    Is a Hair Transplant a Permanent Hair Loss Solution?

    The life-long results of a professionally conducted hair transplant surgery makes the transplant an investment. On average, 97% of transplanted hair follicles thrive. Given this fact, patients see a return on investment every time they look in the mirror.

    While there are alternatives to hair transplant surgery, particularly if the hair loss or thinning is caught relatively early. Our hair specialists can advise you on the treatment options, since not everyone is a suitable candidate for a hair transplant procedure. Low level light and LED therapy has shown potential in research studies undertaken, to help increase hair growth and the quality of the hair that is grown.

    Research Your Options for a Hair Transplant in Dubai Thoroughly

    We always recommend researching the subject of hair loss. Environmental and lifestyle factors are often leading causes or multipliers of hair loss. Speaking to our hair transplant surgeons are a great way to get all the answers to the questions surrounding your own individual case.

    Frequently asked questions about hair transplant

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