Medical LED

The light or regeneration with LED Therapy.






Kills the bacteria
that causes acne


Treatment time
30 mins

Addicted to the Glow

LED therapy is a vital part of many skin and hair treatments at Maison Lutétia and for good reason. This unsung hero of non-invasive skincare was originally developed and used by NASA after scientists observed increased plant growth under certain light wavelengths.

NASA then used LED energy to speed the healing of wounds. Today, our medical LED stimulates cells, by converting light energy to ATP, the main energy source for cells, including skin cells.

Because of this, LED sessions fade acne scars, combat hair loss and also boost the production of collagen and elastin. And, the treatment feels more than indulgent, it feels necessary for healthy skin. We often use this treatment to boost the effects of many of our other skin and hair sessions.



    What is light therapy or capillary LED?

    LED technology – Light Emitting Diode – is recognized for its beneficial therapeutic effects on skin inflammation, burns, or stretch marks. Thanks to the restorative properties, it promotes healing, cell regeneration and rejuvenation, in order to regain all the radiance of the skin.

    Today, this form of light therapy or phototherapy is used in Dubai by the DHI team to treat baldness and alopecia, as a new form of treatment for hair regrowth. In addition, the therapeutic action of LED light optimizes the results of other hair treatments such as a DHI hair transplant or mesotherapy.

    When light therapy is used as hair care and hair regrowth treatment, LED light regenerates the cells in the scalp, tones the hair fiber, slows hair loss and stimulates the growth of new hair follicles.

    During a treatment for hair regrowth by light therapy, adjustable panels fitted with LEDs are positioned precisely, within few centimeters from the concerned area: the top of the skull or the temples.

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