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A Team of Plastic Surgery, Skincare and Hair Specialists at your Service.


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    Meet our team of Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists & Hair Specialists

    The Maison Lutétia Clinic in Dubai is a cutting-edge aesthetics clinic offering a complete range of invasive and non-invasive cosmetic operations, carried out by skilled and experienced medical specialists with an outstanding track-record.

    Our team of specialists are well-equipped to provide you with customized care within a quiet, comfortable, and pleasant environment.

    Plastic Surgeons in Dubai

    Our Plastic Surgeons at Maison Lutétia are among the best medical professionals in Dubai for handling skin-related concerns.

    You can find the best plastic surgeons in Dubai at Maison Lutétia.

    Dermatologists & Skin Specialists in Dubai

    Our dermatologists and skin specialists provide a broad range of care for various skin conditions. In fact, our dermatologists put the needs of their patients first by conforming to the highest standards of clinical excellence and compassionate care. Finding the ideal dermatological specialist or plastic surgeon professional to guide you on your quest for improved health and wellness is made easier when you visit Maison Lutétia.

    You can find the best dermatologists and skin specialists in Dubai at Maison Lutétia.

    Cosmetic Surgeons Dubai

    As years pass and age catches up, caring for your skin's health and complexion becomes increasingly important. You can maintain a youthful appearance and identify issues and concerns in the early stages by taking good care of your skin. The best cosmetic surgeons in Dubai are those who are skilled at addressing areas of concerns and achieving the greatest results, customised towards your needs.

    You can find the best cosmetic surgeons in Dubai at Maison Lutétia.

    Hair Transplant Specialist & Doctor in Dubai

    At Maison Lutétia, we are just as passionate about your journey as you are. We are aware of the profoundly positive effects of surgical hair restoration on your overall wellbeing.

    Our experts provide you with hair loss treatments and hair transplants that have the most aesthetically pleasing, natural-looking outcomes while adhering to the highest standards of patient-centered care.

    You can find the best hair transplant specialists and doctors in Dubai at Maison Lutétia.

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