Ms. Mina Tomic

Certified DHI Hair Transplant Technician


Certified DHI Hair Transplant Technician

Ms. Mina Tomic is a certified DHI Hair Transplant Technician in the UAE with global expertise in the direct hair implantation method hair transplants, a non-surgical solution to hair restoration, exclusive to Maison Lutétia. Having worked earlier in Paris and Greece she has over 5 years of experience in the hair transplantation field.  

Her exceptional eye for precision and detail along with thorough in-depth knowledge and mastery of the DHI technique, comes from her intensive training at the DHI Academy, where she learned the art and detailed process of hairline and beard design, hair extraction, and implantation of follicles. The ethos of this method is that the hair transplant is done without cuts or pre-incision holes. No scars and No marks and working with respect for the donor through donor management. 

Ms Mina’s philosophy for her patients is simple: when a person looks good on the outside, he/she feels great on the inside too. As aDHI Hair Transplant Technician at Maison Lutétia in Dubai, she always takes a holistic approach. To date, she has performed simple to very complicated cases of hair transplants. She has a passion for hair restoration and never fails to get amazing feedback on results from her very happy patients. Her goal is for her patients to have beautiful hair with dense natural result.

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