Eyebrow Implants in Dubai

The permanent solution for beautiful brows
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Today thicker, fuller, more bold brows are in vogue, leaving women with sparse or overplucked brows searching for a solution.

For those born with sparse or faint eyebrows, the DHI method and ttranplant procedure can help you fill in the gaps.

Get fuller brows with the DHI Method & Transplant Procedure

Your eyebrows frame your eyes and complement your facial structure. They are one of the most important facial features. They can be subject to change as we age or undergo life events, from hair loss to overplucking, thin eyebrows have traditionally been difficult to reverse. At the root, hair follicles in the eyebrow area are just as susceptible to the stresses and hormonal changes as anywhere else.




    Eyebrow implants make it possible for fuller eyebrows that look completely natural. It’s a solution for both men and women to fill in sparse or uneven brows.

    The eyebrow hair transplant is performed by taking donor hair from a donor area, the transplant procedure then takes the follicular units and uses tiny incisions to implant them in thin eyebrows in the brow area in accordance with the desired design.

    Our experts follow the shape of your brow bone so that the implanted hairs sit perfectly in line with the rest of your face.

    Our DHI doctors are specialized in this technique so every gesture throughout the procedure is calculated and exact, making your brows a true work of art. The eyebrow transplant procedure is a great solution for those struggling with hair loss or thin eyebrows, helping to correct one of the most important facial features.


    Eyebrow Implants in Dubai

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