The Lutetia Hair Transplant

A Brief Overview Of the
Lutetia Hair Implantation Method

Lutetia Hair Implantation: The Difference is in the Details


Specialized Hair Transplant Tools

When considering a hair implant Dubai has a lot to offer. At Maison Lutétia our hair transplantation technique enjoys a very high success rate, with an average of 97% of follicles in grafts surviving. With great delicacy and precision, hair follicles are extracted using a specially designed tool that makes micro punches (approx. 0.7mm-1mm) on the donor zone. This technique guarantees gentle yet manual harvesting. The implanter instrument is a small, spring-loaded stylus with a grooved needle and it gives full control of direction, angle, and depth. Maison Lutétia is the perfect place to consider a Hair Transplant in Dubai.

Hair Transplant Surgery Results

Learn More About How Hair Transplant Surgery Can
Reverse Your Hair Loss

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    Hair Restoration with No Scars

    The tools used in our hair transplant procedure at Lutétia do not require incisions or make holes in the scalp as is the case in conventional methods like Follicular Unit Extraction or FUT technique. We don’t use a punch like in other methods such as the FUE method, which can leave an “orange peel” effect on the scalp. In fact our technique leaves no scars in the donor area of the scalp and is a highly effective method which avoids the scenario where a surgeon manually cuts strips of skin in a hair transplant operation. In a procedure where the hairs are directly and individually implanted, the donor hair follicles in hair grafts are implanted by hand to match the direction of the hair growth in the surrounding recipient area, giving hair a natural look with no incision scars, skin scars and where hairs that have been transplanted are not distinguishable from hairs in the rest of your head. With no scars or scalp imperfections to hide, you can style your hair however you want.


    Certified Practioner

    From start to finish, Lutetia Hair Transplant is performed only by doctors trained and certified by the DHI Global Medical Group. Both the physician and technology employed use the latest developments and innovations in hair transplant surgery to ensure the success of the Lutetia Hair Transplant technique. The important thing to research with any hair transplant procedures is the success and results, if you are thinking of follicular unit transplantation or the FUE technique, read this article to find out more about the Lutetia Hair Transplant procedure and why the Lutetia Hair Transplant technique achieves the greatest success rate with the donor hair survival in hair grafts.

    Hair Transplants with 100% Natural Results

    Each hair transplant surgery is a process that is tailor-made to suit each patient’s unique case. Hair loss affects each and every one of us differently. Maison Lutétia's Hair Implantion methods' objective is to deliver a carefully studied hair grafts distribution by restoring a natural capillary line leaving you with a denser hairline and great texture.

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    Explore the steps of hair transplantation
    with the Lutetia Hair Transplant Method

    Our hair transplant method has two pivotal stages – extraction and implantation. The core element for this procedure is the “donor” zone, located on the back and on the sides of the head. This is the only area spared from hair loss. In a nutshell, the hair follicles are carefully extracted from this area and re-implanted using specialized hair transplant instruments on the region suffering from hair loss where the follicle will continue to grow and produce hair.

    With the Hair Implantation technique at Maison Lutétia, we further enhance the hair transplant process by preserving hair follicles used in grafts in a solution of HypoThermosol for 18 months. The key to the grafts success is the way we carry out the procedure. This valuable preparation optimizes the rate of hair growth in grafts by minimizing trauma to the follicles during the procedure. This is really where our method has an edge over the follicular unit extraction or FUE technique and other hair transplant procedures. At Maison Lutétia the hair transplant protocol is an absolute, with highly specified protocoleand always conducted by a highly trained practitioner.

    The process of harvesting the hair is a procedure that can be compared to the work of a hair craftsman. With great delicacy and precision, each follicle is extracted using a specially designed hair tool that makes micro punches (approx. 0.7mm-1mm) in the donor area. This technique guarantees a gentle and manual harvesting with little or no need for even local anesthesia. Our hair treatment experience allows us to ensure that the transplantation procedure minimises recovery time and damage to the scalp in both recipient and donor sites.

    Unlike a machine whose results can vary due to a lack of the human touch, at Lutétia the treatment is only done by a certified practitioner who can judge and anticipate the direction to extract each follicle. This craftsmanship enables the removal of each follicle in a pain-free way without damaging the roots.

    Hair implantation is the second stage of Direct Hair Implantation. After the extraction phase, this stage is the equally as precise and meticulous as the extraction stage, however, it requires a subtle, definite, non-invasive motion to obtain a perfect, customized result as per the patient’s requirement.

    During this stage, the steps of implantation follow a rigorous and thorough protocol in which the certified doctor and nurse will work in synergy. First, the nurse sorts and classifies the hair follicles one-by-one according to the number of hairs they contain (from 1-9), the average being 2.2. Next, the doctor asks the nurse to bring the chosen follicles to recreate the hair as naturally as possible i.e. simple follicles at the level of the capillary line and multiple follicles along the head to provide a denser result.

    Learn More About a Hair Transplant at Maison Lutétia Dubai

    According to the UK-based Hair Society, the average man will start to lose hair at the age of 35, with an approximate 40% hair loss in hair which grows to a 70% rate by the age of 80. This can be from the side effects of stress or other hormonal imbalances, which is pretty much normal when living in a big city like Dubai or New York.

    According to statistics collected by the UK's National Health Service, around 50% of women will experience some form of hair loss over the course of their adult lives.

    Our trained and certified expert can assist you with getting the best hair with no scarring at the donor site. In fact we pride ourselves from harvesting each individual follicle from teh donor site and choosing the best hair for this purpose.

    There are several treatments for hair loss, however for the suitable candidate, permanent and natural hair restoration can be achieved by using a hair transplant in Dubai. Each hair transplant procedure at Maison Lutétia is overseen by an expert and our hair transplant results gallery make clear our success in treating both women and men, particuarly men with male pattern baldness.

    Temporary solutions such as micropigmentation on the scalp can help to hide thinning hair. Hair density is something that diminishes with age, reduction in hair density can even be associated with lifestyle factors such as hormonal imbalances caused by stress. With over 5,000 patients treated in our clinics in Paris and Dubai, we have seen significant success in hair transplants using the Lutetia Hair Implantation method. Whether you choose FUE or FUT or DHI, the result you want should be natural looking, we have all seen the horror stories of people who wanted natural looking results but came away with ugly scars and 18 months of recovery time.

    Donor grafts are made up of your own hair, which helps enhance the success rate since the best hair you can use in a hair transplant is your own hair! Our hair transplant surgeries leave our patients with natural results, with hair transplant clinics in Paris and Dubai, we have helped thousands of patients.

    Hair fall is something that we see a lot at our clinic, many patients get in touch after noticing increasing hair fall with age. Transplanted hair can last for decades and requires no more maintenance than the rest of the hair on the head, this means that the value of a hair transplant is truly life-long.

    Individual extraction of hair follicles means that there is no scarring at the donor site, individual hair implantation of the hair follicle allows the hair transplant surgeon with years of experience to follow the linear growth pattern of the hair in the transplant area, meaning the transplanted hair follicles will grow in the same direction and manner as the rest of the hair.


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