CoolWaves in Dubai

Learn more about our Electromagnetic Frequency Fat Reducing procedure

What is CoolWaves?

CoolWaves is the name given to deep and targeted electromagnetic frequency waves that are applied to adipose (fat) cells. The process has been shown to act on cells and the metabolism of the body, noted as being particularly effective in the throcanter area, abdomen and thighs, the waves help to breakdown the cell membranes of subcutaneous adipose cells which can help to dissolve the fat deposits and engage cellular metabolism (lioplysis) to naturally eliminate the lysate.


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    The CoolWaves™ Process

    Do you also have stubborn fat that doesn’t come off even though you work out a lot and follow a strict diet? If yes, then you can opt for this fantastic electromagnetic frequency fat reducing process. This is one of the most advanced techniques in the world which is used at the Lutetia clinics.

    The process features permanent fat reduction, destroying fat cells, skin tightening, and cellulite smoothing. The process starts with high-frequency electromagnetic waves, which will target your fat cells and destroy them selectively with the help of the best plastic surgeon Dubai.

    Furthermore, the fat cells destroyed are done in a beneficial and non-invasive way. The connective septa of your body are also targeted to treat cellulite cases. Finally, the focused energy shrinks collagen at some places and allows the body to produce more and new collagen, which will help to loosen up the tight and rigid skin.

    Lastly, cool waves use a high-tech cooling system to give your body some chills so that the heat from the electromagnetic waves.


    When to consider CoolWaves?

    Many people do not know whether they should go for this process or not. If you have rigid fat on any area of the body, the cool wave process can tone your body and give it a controlled shape. You can combine this process with exercises and diet for even better results.

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