Laser Labial Whitening in Dubai

Learn more about our Laser Labial Whitening procedure

What is Laser Labial Whitening?

Labial bleaching or whitening is a minimally  invasive and painless gynecological procedure that uses a laser to lighten the labial skin, improving aesthetic appearance.

Laser labial whitening treatment treats skin hyperpigmentation, which is due to aging, childbirth, genetics, hormones.

Discolors the labia and improves skin texture by following a painless, effective, and comfortable laser whitening treatment.


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    When to consider Laser Labial Whitening?

    If you need smoother, brighter, and aesthetically pleasing skin on the labia, then laser labial whitening is for you. You are an ideal candidate if you have realistic expectations, you’re in good physical condition, free from any medical condition, and have significant pigmentation on the labial skin.

    What to expect after a laser labial treatment?

    After a laser labial whitening procedure, you will have brighter labial skin like never before, giving a more youthful and smooth texture. Immediately after the whitening treatment, you’ll have to use a whitening cream for up to six months.

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