Moles & Skin Growths

Love Them or Remove Them?

Moles are very common skin growths. In fact, the average person has between 10 and 40 moles by adulthood. But when is a mole or other skin growth a beauty mark and when is it a concern? This is an excellent question.

What is a mole anyway?

Moles are a very common type of skin growth and most people have at least one. They often appear as small, round, dark brown spots on the skin and are simply clusters of pigment-producing cells called melanocytes. The technical name for a mole is nevus which comes from the Latin word for birthmark.

Some moles, depending on where they are, are referred to as beauty marks. In sixteenth century France, people applied artifical moles to their bodies with makeup. Artificial moles also hid scares.

A few actresses and supermodels from Sophia Loren to Elizabeth Taylor to Eva Mendes considered their moles their trademarks.


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    Should I have my mole removed?

    As we said before, moles are common. Sometimes though, they can become a nuisance or a sign of a more serious skin condition, like melanoma. It’s important to know what skin cancer looks like and if you are concerned, see a dermatologist.

    Look at any lumps or bumps on your skina dn if you see the following signs, it’s time to see an expert.

    A. Asymmetry: One side looks different than the other.

    B. Borders:  Jagged, scalloped, or blurred borders.

    C. Color: Blue-black or more than one color. A mole that gets darker.

    D. Diameter: Anything larger than a pencil eraser.

    E. Evolving: Changes or growth


    Treatment Areas include:

    • Face
    • Chest
    • Back
    • Arms
    • Legs

    Are There Any Treatments for Moles & Skin Growths?

    Our dermatologists are happy to check your moles and spots to make sure they are normal. For moles or growths that bother you and that you would like removed, we have several different methods depending on the type, size, and placement. Some must be surgically removed. Others can be removed with Plexr or by freezing them.


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