Stretch Marks

Lighten Acne and Other Scars

Your skin is pretty incredible if you think about it. It is the envelope that protects the rest of your body from temperature fluctuations, from germs, from injuries. It is both delicate and resilient, with the ability to rebuild and repair, to knit back together any areas that are injured.

How Can I Fade Acne Scars or Stretch Marks?

It stretches as we grow and can shrink as we lose weight or deliver a baby. It’s an amazing process. Though all this knitting together, all this stretching and shrinking can leave marks on our skin. Scars, if you think about it, are just evidence of the skin’s ability to repair itself.

How do we fade those scars and stretch marks? It really depends on the type of scar you want to treat, whether it is raised or indented, dark or light.


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    Maison Lutetia has several treatments, from peels to laser treatments, to micro-needling with radiofrequency. Our doctors are experts in skin issues, including scars and stretch marks. They’ve likely seen and treated scar tissue like yours many times before. And, they can recommend a single treatment or a combination of treatments to treat the scars you want to fade or smooth.


    Types of Scars:

    • Keloid Scars
    • Contracture Scars
    • Hypertrophic Scars
    • Acne Scars
    • Stretch Marks
    • Hyperpigmentation or discoloured skin

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