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What is Trauma?

Trauma refers to serious, body-altering injuries sustained through an accident or impact. There are numerous variations in types of trauma but mostly involve burns, fractures, crush, lacerations. It is best if one takes the trauma treatment consultation.Plastic surgeons have always had an essential role in the treatment of trauma. The advancement of reconstructive plastic surgery techniques has revolutionized the trauma treatment in Dubai. The patient outcomes and treatments have improved dramatically due to the ability to repair and reconstruct soft tissue defects; this has been very helpful, particularly in cases which involve open fractures of the lower limb.

There have been teams of plastic surgeons appointed in the trauma departments as their role is crucial. We can say that the plastic surgeon is a new and useful incorporation in the fields of trauma. The trauma treatment doctor has a very tough job as compared to others.


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    What to Consider about Trauma?

    Your surgeon will provide you with information on your patient. There might be moments while you would have to give consent for surgery or so, hence, make sure that someone responsible is there at the hospital.

    What about recovery time and results?

    Since each case is unique, the best placed authority to provide guidance on the length of the recuperation time would be your surgeon. The time you or the patient (if it is someone else) needs to recover, post-operative instructions, and the period prior to resuming physical activity are hypothesised before the surgery. Your surgeon will let you know about what you need to look out for and how you need to take care of certain areas after the surgery. Your recovery time might be variable and dependent upon your physical ability, conditions and some other factors. Ensuring that all the steps and recommendations provided by the surgeon are followed will optimise your recovery time.

    What happens at the consultation?

    It is best if you have all your questions and queries written down before you meet your surgeon. When you meet your board-certified surgeon, you will discuss the surgical options available, their pros and cons, along with your patient’s medical history. It is necessary that the surgeon knows about your patient’s medical history, your current medical situation and, current medications, major illnesses in the past, and habits such as smoking. Your surgeon will then start an examination and medical photography, which will be stored in your patient’s confidential file. Please remember that the photography, storage, and usage of the photographs will be by your or the patient’s consent through a form that is filled before the process. Moreover, there will be a general physical examination that will check your height, weight, and other factors to determine whether you are fit for surgery or not.

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    Most Common Trauma Injuries


    Burns are the commonest types of injuries and can be caused by numerous sources such as hot liquids, electricity, chemicals, electricity and others. In severe cases, the treatment is started right away, and the most essential part is to maintain airflow and fluid resuscitation.

    Mild cases can be taken care of by dressings only, but deep burns often require skin resurfacing using skin grafts. The trauma consultation experts in UAE have a major role to play in that.

    Facial Trauma

    Facial trauma refers to the injuries inflicted to the face. These can result from car accidents, sports-related accidents, animal bites and such. In severe cases, a team of other doctors including neurosurgeons and ophthalmic surgeons, and trauma consultation experts in UK & UAE may also be included.

    Such injuries are very complex to handle as the slightest mistake can lead to facial deformation. The patients also need to realise that there might be some unavoidable scarring on the face after the surgery.

    Facial surgeries can also affect the self-esteem of a person.

    Hand and Upper Limb

    Hand and limb trauma is also a very technical problem to deal with. There is a range of injuries that can happen, and these include fractures, crushes, tissue damage, nerve cells damage or tendon damage.

    The source of such injuries is extensive and goes from car accidents to falling or a hardware accident and are a major challenge for trauma consultation experts in UK.

    Plastic surgeons have a massive role to play in this field. However, they need 24/7 access to microsurgical facilities which are gladly provided here at Lutetia clinics and the best plastic surgeon Dubai will help you heal and recuperate fast.

    Often it happens that many hospitals or facilities do not have access to pieces of machinery, and this results in patients being transferred to other hospitals. Such transfers might not be suitable for a patient’s health, and if the services are not provided at the correct time, the patient might be in a severe condition.

    Lower Limb

    Limb injuries in the lower part are high-energy injuries and often very complex. One can experience lower limb injuries, mainly because of motor accidents or sporting accidents. There are two types of surgeons that usually work on such a case.

    One is a plastic surgeon, and the second is an orthopaedic surgeon. There are two types of injuries that one can get in the lower limb. First is the scenario where the bone is broken, and the tissue remains intact. In this case, only the orthopaedic surgeon can take care of the matter.

    The second is where the bone has broken such that the tissues nearby have also been damaged. In such a situation, the orthopaedic surgeon will fix the bone first, which can be a simple or complex process depending on the nature of the injury.

    Next, the plastic surgeons will come in to heal the tissues. This is mostly done by taking some living tissues from other parts of the body and using them to replace the damaged ones.

    The tissue repair has to be done immediately as the exposed tissue can get infected very quickly. Once it gets infected, the situation becomes more complex and challenging to handle.

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