How Much Does a Hair transplant Cost?

It’s Less Than You Think

Cost Per Follicle

Often the first question a hair transplantation candidate asks: how much does it cost per follicle? At Maison Lutetia, we don’t believe in pricing a transplant session by how many follicles we expect to transplant. Why do we discourage this kind of thinking?

Transplanting 3,000 follicles from one area to another doesn’t mean that many hairs will grow. Unless the best practes are used, you may only see half that many hairs. Hair follicles are delicate and must be handled carefully. A rushed procedure that focuses on quantity may have you paying for a better result than you see in the mirror.


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    A Hair Tranplant is an Investment

    You can get a hair transplant for a couple thousand dollars for a few thousand follicles. But too many those tranplantrs are done without regulation, not by a specialist, and without the high-quality follow-up care that will give you the best chances for a good outcome–a dense, natural-looking hairline that can foll even the experts.

    Our transplant is a meticulous process that requires real craftmanship by a doctor that takes their time to study your case and design a hairline to suit you. The result is something you will admire in the mirror, that you will run your fingers through for decades. Make a good investment in yourself. Choose a transplant based on quality, not quantity. The cost depends on your unique case, but our DHI tranplant can start at AED 18,000.


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