Insydo Team Visits Maison Lutétia Dubai

insydo team visit to maison lutetia

The team at Insydo, Dubai’s favorite online city guide, stopped by Maison Lutétia to experience French-style pampering. They were impressed with the “army of staff on hand” to ensure the treatments were fully bespoke.

How did the Insydo visit go?
Watch the video to find out!

We started with skin, because what is more French than a natural, healthy glow? We suggested our signature carbon peel that uses the magic of carbon, essential to all life on earth, to bind with impurities so our laser can vaporize them. LED Light Therapy followed, with  wavelengths of light penetrating their fresh skin layers and amplifying the results of the peel.

Next, the Insydo team visited Le Salon and Le Barbier to get a style update.

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