LED Therapy in Dubai

Learn more about our LED Therapy procedure

What are LED Treatments?

For those who want to take their skin step further should surely opt for the LED treatment. Before we get into any details of how this works, let us first tell you a bit of fascinating history. The LED treatment was initially developed by NASA when they were experimenting on plants for optimal growth. It was seen that the LED treatment promotes cell growth and repair and is hence useful for humans. Over the years, doctors have adopted this strategy to promote a rapid recovery for wounds and injuries and other purposes as well. But the most exciting use was for skincare, and our plastic surgeon is an expert in this. LED treatment converts the light energy to adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which happens to be the primary energy source for many cells, including cells. This is why LED sessions are efficient for fading acne scars, preventing hair loss, and boosting elastin and collagen production. This treatment is often paired up with other hair and skin treatments to reach the desired results.




    Should I consider LED Therapy?

    Many patients have no idea what is going on with their skin and how they should react to it. Our highly qualified specialist dermatologists undertake LED Therapy treatments in sessions which are short yet powerful. You can get a session as quickly as your lunch break. But for the best results, we recommend that you take numerous sessions to get long-term benefits and experience the most out of it. The surgeon elaborates that you should pair it up with another treatment such as the mesoLED or others to boost your results even further.

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