How Much Does a Hair transplant Cost?

It’s Less Than You Think

Cost Per Follicle

Often the first question a hair transplantation candidate asks: how much does it cost per follicle? At Maison Lutetia, we don’t believe in pricing a transplant session by how many follicles we expect to transplant. Why do we discourage this kind of thinking?

Transplanting 3,000 follicles from one area to another doesn’t mean that many hairs will grow. Unless the best practes are used, you may only see half that many hairs. Hair follicles are delicate and must be handled carefully. A rushed procedure that focuses on quantity may have you paying for a better result than you see in the mirror.



    A Hair Tranplant is an Investment

    You can get a hair transplant for a couple thousand dollars for a few thousand follicles. But too many those tranplantrs are done without regulation, not by a specialist, and without the high-quality follow-up care that will give you the best chances for a good outcome–a dense, natural-looking hairline that can foll even the experts.

    Our transplant is a meticulous process that requires real craftmanship by a doctor that takes their time to study your case and design a hairline to suit you. The result is something you will admire in the mirror, that you will run your fingers through for decades. Make a good investment in yourself. Choose a transplant based on quality, not quantity. The cost depends on your unique case, but our DHI tranplant can start at AED 18,000.


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    How Much Does a Hair transplant Cost?


    Like a well-made luxury watch, a good hair transplant in Dubai is an investment. Unlike a well-made watch, your new hairline…your new hair… isn’t an accessory you can remove when it suits you. Or, when it doesn’t suit you. Instead, you will see the results of your hair transplant in the mirror every day for the rest of your life.

    It’s a big decision. It's an investment in yourself.

    Like any investment you make in life, you will devote time and money to your hair restoration with the expectation of a worthwhile result, a result that will also restore any drop in confidence that has coincided with your hair loss.

    If you've been considering a hair transplant and doing your research, you’ve no doubt seen advertisements for by-the-follicle pricing and may start to think in those terms. The more hair transplanted the better, right? But let us explain why this isn’t the best way to judge value.

    First, because taking too many follicles from the donor area in the back of your head (over-harvesting) can lead to horrible scarring.

    No one wants to worry about covering up scars on the back of their heads. You got a transplant so you could stop worrying about covering your scalp. Not only that, taking too much hair from the back of your head can lead to sparse hair back there rather than on the top or front of your scalp. You are trading one bald spot for another.

    What you really want is nice, even distribution of hair all over your scalp. Something that looks natural.

    How many follicles?

    As we’ve mentioned before, hair follicles are tiny and delicate. If they aren’t harvested and replanted carefully, they won’t regrow hair. So 5,000 follicles transplanted doesn’t mean 5,000 new hairs will grow where you want them to.

    It’s better to pay for quality rather than quantity. Pay for something you will want to look at in the mirror for the rest of your life.

    It’s been said about marriage that you must choose your life mate carefully because from that decision alone comes 90 percent of your happiness or 90 percent of your misery. The same could be said for choosing your hair transplant provider. Choose wisely.

    It's true that you can buy a fake Rolex for less than $200, but it’s going to feel light, cheap, the details won’t hold up to scrutiny, and you’ll know it isn’t really an investment piece. It won’t hold its value.

    It's also true that you can get a hair transplant for a few thousand dollars at a pop-up clinic not yet regulated by any health authority, not performed by a doctor, and without the long-term follow-up care the better clinics provide. You'll get follicles quickly extracted and implanted in a manner meant to be efficient but not necessarily impressive.

    The method we practice at Maison Lutétia is a more meticulous method called DHI or Direct Hair Implantation. It requires a bit more care and patience than FUT or FUE. Our doctors use a special tool to carefully remove each follicle without damaging the surrounding skin. Then, using a needle, they implant each tiny follicle to a certain depth and angle to ensure the best density and hairline in the industry.

    It’s a meticulous process. It can take a full day...or even two. It requires the craftsmanship of a Patek Phillipe or a Rolex. A real one.

    So, how much does a hair transplant cost?

    Yes, it costs more. Depending on your specific case, a hair restoration session at Lutétia can start at AED 22,500.

    But every day when you look in the mirror, you will run your fingers through your hair and smile and walk out into the world with confidence. No regrets.

    You are worth the investment.

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