How to Care for Your New Hair Transplant


You may be wondering what happens after the Lutétia Clinic DHI Hair Transplant in Dubai.  Will there be pain? How long before you can go to work? How do you recover and care for your new DHI Hair transplant? These questions are all normal, especially after the new follicles have been implanted and your head has been bandaged. You are ready to go home and likely a bit impatient for your hair to grow. In fact, you may be excited to remove your bandage to see the results, but you must resist.

Bandages should remain in place until the next day when they are removed and the donor site (The area on the back of your head) is washed with a gentle, baby shampoo. Your clinic should provide this care. Make sure you ask about the follow-up care when you choose your hair transplant clinic. If your clinic doesn't provide this care, you may remove the bandages on day two and wash your hair with baby shampoo.

As you leave the clinic after the procedure, you may be a bit light-headed. Be careful not to let your head bump anything, especially as you get into your car.

Protect Those Delicate Follicles (No Pressure)

Don’t sleep on, or put any pressure on, the newly implanted follicles. We recommend using a triangle-shaped pillow to keep your head propped up as you sleep. It’s best to do this for 5 days after the session.

Don’t wear a hat.  It’s true that your scalp is covered in red dots where the follicles went in and you may want to cover them up. But any pressure on those follicles can disturb them and the angle at which they were implanted. After 10 days you can wear a loose, Panama hat but no baseball cap for 2 - 3 weeks.

How to care for your new hair transplant during work & play

One of the most common questions we are asked is, “When can I return to work?” Or, “How many days do I need to hide my head?” Every patient is a bit different. Some of our patients return to work in a day or two, but most prefer to recover for four to five days before heading to the office. By day three or four, those red dots will turn to scabs and those scabs will begin to fall off a few days after that. Healing is a process. Every day gets a bit better.

Exercise is a bit different. Because it can cause blood to flow and sweat to bead up, we suggest you wait at least ten days for light exercise, 14 days for moderate, and don’t run a marathon or sign up for a CrossFit class for three full weeks.


  • Keep your chin up (it helps with swelling)
  • Spray recipient area with saline every 30 minutes
  • Wear button-down shirts
  • Avoid direct and long-lasting sunlight exposure


  • Drink alcohol
  • Consume Caffeine
  • Smoke

What about hygiene and hair washing? When can you shower after a hair transplant?  This is when good follow-up care comes in. Like we mentioned earlier, a reputable clinic should provide care after your transplant.  This includes any medication you may need, saline spray to keep the follicles hydrated and a professional hair wash protocol.

Follow Up Care is Important

We believe the ten days after the hair restoration session is a golden opportunity to give your follicles their best care and support. At Maison Lutétia, we provide ten days of follow-up care including a shampoo session every time you need it, even after day 4.

Here’s what we provide and recommend to every hair transplant patient:

Day Two

Bandage removal and gentle donor area wash with neutral PH shampoo

Day Three

Gentle donor area wash with neutral PH shampoo

Day Four

Gentle full head shampoo

Hair Will Fall

Some hair fall after a transplant is normal. This is part of a hair's natural cycle and new hair will grow in its place. Because of this, because of the hair cycle, you won't see the full results of your hair transplant for 12. You'll see results long before then, but not the final product.

This is an exciting time! After years of watching your hairline move back or your scalp begin to show, you will finally get to see your hair loss in reverse.


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