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In little more than an hour, the spire had fallen and most of the roof had collapsed. Parisians and people around the world watched in horror, or in silent reverence, as fire engulfed Notre Dame.

It matters to the world, because the iconic structure is an eternal monument, as Victor Hugo said, “a work of ages,” and in a city that itself represents the highest ideals in art and beauty. Notre Dame stands in the very heart of Paris and it is literally the point from which all distances in France are measured.

Notre Dame: why it matters to us?

The soaring Gothic cathedral matters to Maison Lutétia because it is more than a sacred symbol. It marks the ruins of ancient Lutetia, the predecessor of present-day Paris and the namesake of the Maison Lutétia clinics in Paris and now Dubai.

It guards an archaeological crypt that contains a section of the quay of the ancient port, a public bath with sub-floor heating, and part of the old city wall. All are remnants of the old Roman-era city, the one Julius Caesar referred to as LVTETIA.

The decor at both clinics, our treatments, our very philosophy all pay homage to the deep and timeless traditions of beauty in France.

Notre Dame was, and will always be, a uniquely beautiful artifact of mankind’s highest aspirations.

We will continue to honor the beauty of Notre Dame, of Paris, and of every patient that enters our clinics by preserving the uniquely beautiful qualities that make us all who we are.

The people of Paris will rebuild Notre Dame stone by stone to make it last another thousand years.

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