360 Body Lift

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What is a 360 body lift?

A 360 Body Lift is a combined surgical treatment – a complete lower body lift which includes an abdominoplasty and a body lift (buttocks, abdomen, waist, hips, and thighs).

It is a procedure that “lifts” the lower part of the body by removing excess skin and fat from the waist area above the buttocks (flanks), it is ideal for patients who have lost a significant amount of weight either through a lifestyle change program or medical intervention.

It is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures conducted by our Board Certified Plastic Surgeons at Maison Lutetia in Dubai. The procedure helps patients regain confidence after severe weight loss.

When to consider a 360 Lift.

The ideal candidate for a 360 body lift is someone who has reached their ideal body weight but struggles with excess skin and sagging tissue. A patient who underwent extreme weight loss either through bariatric surgery (Lap-Band or Gastric Bypass) or diet and exercise, are often left with large amounts of sagging, loose skin. This skin cannot shrink back to its formal size and requires surgical intervention.

All you need to know about the procedure.

During your consultation, your surgeon will discuss the incision length and pattern, as it depends on the amount and location of excess skin to be removed.

For most patients, the lift is circumferential as it treats both the abdomen and the back area. Your surgeon will make an incision that runs along the top of your buttocks (meeting in the middle), for some it will continue around the front over the hips to connect with your abdominoplasty incision.

The abdominoplasty involves removing excess skin and fat from the tummy area if muscle laxity is a highlighted concern your surgeon will tighten the abdominal wall muscles. Our Board Certified Surgeons use a permanent stitch which acts like a shoelace, pulling the muscles back into place.

The surgery is performed under general anesthesia and an overnight stay in the hospital will be required. 

What happens at the consultation?

Remember to write down all your possible concerns and questions and have them ready for when you meet with your plastic surgeon. You will be discussing your surgical options, the pros and cons of each, as well as your medical history. The surgeon will need to know all the current medications you are taking and any serious illness you may have had in the past and as to whether you smoke.

You will have an examination, including medical photography that will be placed in your confidential medical file (you will sign a consent form for taking, storing, and using the photographs). Your height and weight will be measured to ensure you are physically fit for the operation.

What happens during a rhinoplasty surgery?

The surgery approach can either be performed from inside the nostrils (closed rhinoplasty) or by making a small cut between the nostrils and lifting the skin, known as open rhinoplasty. You and your plastic surgeon will discuss these and agree on the best approach depending on the concern that is being treated.

What you need to consider.

Once you have reached your goal and kept your weight relatively stable for one year, your plastic surgeon can discuss your surgical options. However, it is important to note for women who are planning to fall pregnant it can compromise the results, so your surgeon might suggest planning the surgery for after.

This surgery is a long-term solution for excess skin removal, restoring a youthful-looking figure and to balance your silhouette. As with other surgeries, there are surgical risks to consider and require discussions with your plastic surgeon.

During your consultation, you and your plastic surgeon will discuss these considerations and discuss the best option that suits your requirements and lifestyle.

360 Lift incisions and scars.

As mentioned before the lift part of the surgery includes a scar that runs at the top of your buttocks meets the abdominoplasty scar which is a low incision that runs from hip to hip.

Personalized treatment plans.

Your surgeon will discuss your goals, lifestyle, including physical activity, and based on this a personalized treatment plan will be shared with you. 

These will include the surgery approach, the outcomes, risks and where the surgery will take place. Expectations will be discussed, and a post-surgery recovery plan will be shared.

Recovery and how long will my results last?

This type of surgery shows immediate results, however, it can take several months to show the final outcome. Scars will fade over time with the carefully planned post-care instructions from your surgeon. And results are permanent if you adhere to your new healthy lifestyle that includes diet and exercise.

A body lift is considered major surgery and your recovery time, post-operative instructions and how long before you can resume your normal physical activity, and work will be individualized depending on your procedure and discussed before your surgery.  You will receive a medical compression garment to wear, dressings and at-home care will be discussed pre- and post-surgery.

It is important to note that your surgeon will share detailed instructions on how to take care of your surgical area and any warning symptoms to look out for. The amount of time it takes for recovery varies greatly among patients and this will be discussed based on your particular case.

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