Breast Reduction

The Surgical option

What is a breast reduction surgery?

For some individuals, breast size can negatively impact their activities of daily life as well as body confidence. Factors that determine the size of women’s breasts include a genetic predisposition, body weight and hormonal influences. The aim of a breast reduction surgery is to reduce the size and reshape the breasts so that they are more proportioned to the rest of your body and no longer cause functional or aesthetic concern.

This commonly requested procedure is conducted by our board certified plastic surgeons at Maison Lutétia in Dubai. The procedure helps woman regain confidence, improving lifestyle, appearance and relieving of physical and emotional stress caused by large breasts.



    Breast Lift Lutetia

    When to consider the surgery?

    If you suffer from back, shoulder or neck pain, bra strap grooving, skin irritation due to large breasts, or breast pain this surgery is an option to alleviate symptoms. The surgery will improve the shape of your breasts.

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    Breast Reduction Surgery

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