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What is a Brazilian Buttock Lift?

Brazilian Buttock Lift, also known as Gluteoplasty, is a procedure that augments the buttocks by injecting some fats, acquired from other areas of the body.

This procedure is often a two-step procedure, as fat acquired to augment buttocks is retrieved and processed, or sometimes if needed, the augmentation can be done using implants. It takes a few hours and has the least possible scarring but requires some proper aftercare.




    When should you consider a Brazilian Buttock Lift?

    First, you need to check with your surgeon if you are in good health and are eligible for this surgery. If you opt for an implant-less augmentation, check to see if you have fat in your body that can be harvested for the procedure. The surgery does call for some lifestyle changes, such as taking care to avoid sitting on your bottom for two to three weeks. There will most likely be implementations directed by your consulting surgeon that are essential to follow for continued results of the procedure.

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    Who is an ideal candidate for a Brazilian Butt Lift surgery?

    Undergoing an unnecessary procedure is not ideal, but these could be some reasons for you to consider:

    • If your buttocks are asymmetrical.
    • If your body is in perfect shape, but the shape of your buttocks throws you off balance.
    • If you recently lost a lot of weight, and all your skin has been sagging.
    • If compared to your whole body, your buttocks are too small.
    • Your buttocks tend to sag owing to hormonal changes.
    • If you have realistic expectations from the outcome of the surgery.

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    The Brazilian Buttock Lift Procedure

    Since there are two ways this procedure could be done, hence, we are going to get some good ideas about both. Indeed, patient with knowledge of the procedure is way better than the patient who is unaware, to achieve optimal results.

    The Implant Procedure

    After putting the patient under anaesthesia, the incisions are made on the sides or the bottom sides, near the Gluteal crease, for an easy insert of the implant.

    Following examination and consultation before the surgery, our doctors will place the implants and after a successful insert, the incision will be sutured by layered sutures in buttock tissues.

    Later, the skin will be either taped with surgical tape or a skin adhesive, as this may yield surprising post-surgery results with fewer scars.

    Implants are small bags made mostly in the desired shape of a teardrop. The outer layer is made of silicone or polyurethane. The gel inside the implant is either silicone or saline based. Every implant is uniquely shaped for the patient, as per their expectations. During this process, surgeons also provide their input over what possible size can be used and is practical.

    The Implant

    Implants are small bags made in the desired shape, mostly in the shape of a teardrop. The outer layer is made of silicone or polyurethane.

    Meanwhile, the gel inside the implant is either silicone gel or saline. Every implant is uniquely shaped for the patient, as per their expectations. In this process, Surgeons also have input over what possible size can be used and is practical.

    The Fat Grafting Procedure

    Popularly known as Brazilian Buttock Lift (BBL), this is the most successful procedure and has minimal aftercare as well. During this procedure, the patient is:

    • Put under anesthesia to extract the fat out.
    • After inserting the thin tube into the inobtrusive incisions, the fat is loosened for extraction.
    • After the required fat is extracted, it is processed for insertion.
    • The surgeon will then inject all the fats gradually, into the buttocks from various angles.

    Post Procedure

    There may be some swelling post the procedure, but that will reduce gradually. Later, to avoid any excess fluid build-up, the drain lines will be left inserted in the wound.

    Within two days, the drains will be removed, and our doctors will expect you to walk within twenty-four hours of the surgery to avoid blood clotting. Ideally, surgeons will administer drugs such as painkillers and antibiotics.

    Bespoke Procedures

    By and large, the whole process is tailored to offer you the best results. The surgeons document all the possibilities, taking in the patient history of any ailment and procedure.

    Following careful consideration, the surgeons share expectations they would have from you, post-surgery. You will be briefed on essential lifestyle changes surrounding your health, along with other do’s and don’ts.

    Book a Free No-obligation Brazilian Butt Lift Consultation in Dubai

    • Our process always starts with a free no-obligation consultation with a specialist surgeon well experienced in performing the Brazilian Buttock Lift at our Dubai clinic.
    • This will then be followed with a check-up and examination. For making it easier, the patient will be asked to sign the consent form for photographs that will be maintained in the patient’s private medical history.
    • Necessary health check-ups, height, and weight measurements will also be taken. After examination, the surgeon will decide what part of your body will be ideal for fat extraction.
    • If you choose to have an implant, the size and possibilities will be discussed during consultation. The surgeons will also brief you about the post-surgery care and expectations after the surgery.
    • Remember to keep your surgeon updated on any medications or chemicals you may consume, (herbal, drugs, blood thinners, tobacco, etc). Based on their findings, you might be asked to stay off any additional medication or treatment for a few days before the surgery.
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