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Breast lift, commonly known as Mastopexy, is a procedure to fix the sagging breasts, giving it firmness, elevation by removing the excess skin.

This process is mostly performed on women who had weight fluctuations, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and gravity are the factors that accumulate to the problem. In case you desire the significant change in size, the Breast Lift is done in combination with Augmentation to address the brief. 

Ideally, these procedures are performed by Celebrity Plastic Surgeons, Dr Adnan Tahir and Dr Rory McGoldrick, which yields immaculate results and complete patient satisfaction.

Important Consideration Before the Procedure

When you decide to have a Breast lift, you must make sure; you have no pregnancy planned in the future. Suppose there are any inclinations, it’s best to delay it until then. Additionally, Breast Lift Consultant will discuss with you all the options.

With the exception of, women with large breasts, they often tend to get saggy breasts again in some years, due to gravity, lifestyle choices, and heavy breasts. However, this is not an atypical case scenario for all individuals.

After, taking your medical history and discussing all the pros and cons, in the consultations, the Breast Lift Surgeon in UAE, will discuss with you some post-op care and plans that may need to be enforced for the perfect outcome. 

Reasons to Consider the Breast Lift

Breast Lift can become a consideration for many reasons, but here are some common ones:

  • Weight Fluctuations: with ages and hormones, weight can shift significantly, and most of the time, after childbirth, you lose all the pregnancy weight. This can accumulate to saggy breasts mostly.
  • Pregnancy: During pregnancy, breasts muscles stretch, and mostly breasts become heavier. But, after pregnancy, the size goes back to pre-pregnancy size in most cases. The skin, however, that has already stretched, doesn’t go back to its usual self; hence, the breasts tend to sag.
  • Gravity: with time and age, gravity also plays its role, and the breasts start to sag.   
  • Asymmetrical or awry: sometimes, the breasts get longer or flatter, or the nipples lose the shape or fall below the creases. In some cases, one breast falls lower compared to others. 
  • Areola: Often, the areola stretches, and goes out of proportion compared to breast shape.   

Incision and scars

Since every case is unique in its way, there are no set incision fields. However, the incision mostly falls around the Areola and sometimes vertically down the areola towards the crease.

 While the scars are always kept to a minimum for patient care, however since the process includes incision, some scars are bound to stay. But with the smart choice of clothing, these scars will be effortless to cover.

In post-operation consultation, the doctors will thoroughly guide you on how to care for the scars, and with proper care, you will be able to reduce or lose them in the future.

Are you a good candidate for Micro-Needling with Radiofrequency?

Patients of all ages can benefit from this advanced micro-needling treatment. If you notice your skin isn’t as supple as it once was or if you have acne or other scars that interrupt your nice complexion, a session of RF Microneedling can provide good results. It’s also an overall way to revitalize the skin by stimulating the skin’s repair response and the formation of new collagen and elastin.

This treatment isn’t recommended for people on certain kinds of acne medication. You can discuss your medication usage and whether this treatment is right for you with a specialist dermatologist in your consultation.

The Pre-Procedure Consultation

In this phase, you can discuss all your apprehensions and worries with your Breast Lift Surgeon in UK, who will be able to help you understand everything in great detail.

While King of Aesthetics, Dr Adnan Tahir and Dr Rory McGoldrick are incredibly experienced, they will discuss all the pre-op and post-op considerations to register before surgery.

In this session, you will ask about all your medical history, any disease or conditions that the doctor should be aware of. In case you take any medications, any family history, all minor details even are extremely beneficial.

In consultation, for the getting a cumulative idea of surgery, the doctor will conduct an exam and brief you the conclusive result of more or less how your breast may look like after the surgery.

Moreover, you will require signing a consent form, to take photos of your breasts for the record file. Along with other details, your weight, height, and skin tone will be taken into consideration.

For you, as a patient, this is the right time to tell your surgeon what your expectations from the surgery are.

The Procedure

Now, here we will discuss what goes down in the process of Breast Lift, for you to develop a better understanding. Indeed, the knowledge of the process makes the patient aware and process of transition more comfortable.


After making the incision, the surgeon will lift the breast tissue, and reshape it for a firmer and outlined younger looking form. Ideally, the nipple and Areola are also adjusted in proportion to the upper hemisphere.

If there is a need, and Areolas seem enlarged then the size, the skin perimeter of Areolas are reduced. To get rid of excess elasticity, the excess skin is also removed.  As bizarre it may sound the stitches also play a significant role in the Breast Uplifting process since in some cases, the stitches are crafted in accordance to give a firmer lift or to reduce the Areola. Ideally, the procedure lasts for hardly three or four hours.

After Procedure

In some cases, the area will be drained for any excess fluids and blood, with the help of small tubes. When these tubes are ideally removed in a day or two, the incision site will feel slightly sore and pink due to scarring.

In some cases, there will be some numbness and soreness, but that too will gradually diminish. As it is essential, the doctor will give you some strict guidelines for not to bend or lift, and sleep on your back or side to not give any pressure on breasts.

Bespoke procedures

In the consultation before the surgery, after discussing your preference and expectations, the Breast Lift Surgeons in UAE, will take you through the whole process. With the help of 3D imaging, you will get some ideas of the probable outcome.

Moreover, your surgeon will take you through all the risk and probable risks, and most importantly, the aftercare, as the whole process gravely relies on aftercare too.

After the procedure, you will see visible and drastic results, but over a few weeks, your breasts may have slight alterations as the muscle and tissue heal. If you opt for a bespoke augmentation process with Uplift, the procedure can be deciding on your expectations.

Lastly, the surgeon will brief you about the lifestyle changes, aftercare, and follow up with the surgeon to ensure the perfect transition.

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