Breast Augmentation in Dubai

Learn more about Breast Implant in Dubai

Are you worried about your breast size and shape?

First things first: Just speak with our team of certified plastic surgeons at Maison Lutétia Clinic to know all about breast augmentation - a surgical procedure that restores the breast size using silicone gel implants or in some cases, fat transfer.

Fat is obtained from a part of the body (called the 'donor site') via liposuction.

In sharing their experiences with the surgeons, patients who have undergone this procedure describe regaining confidence, particularly after breast feeding, weight loss and after mastectomy.

The procedure often helps to enhance or create balance in their figure, but more importantly, it helps improve their quality of life.


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    When should you consider breast augmentation?

    Women face changes in their body and breast tissues over time, either through weight loss, pregnancy, ageing or surgery. Breast symmetry is another issue that can be a lifelong challenge for some women, requiring breast augmentation. For many women, the results of these factors leave them with a lack of body confidence.

    Breast augmentation is a surgery that improves the shape, size and symmetry of your breast helping it to be better proportioned and create a more appealing figure.

    What you need to consider from breast augmentation

    It is important to note that the implants are not lifetime devices and may eventually require replacement at some point. As with other surgeries, there are surgical risks to consider and require discussions with your plastic surgeon to arrive at the best option that suits your requirements and lifestyle.

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    What happens during your breast augmentation consultation?

    • Before your consultation at our specialty breast augmentation clinic in Dubai, write down all your concerns and questions about breast augmentation.
    • Discuss the pros and cons of your surgical options, as well as your medical history.
    • The surgeon will need to know about any medication you are taking currently, any serious illness you have had in the past, or whether you smoke.
    • You will have a breast examination, including medical photography that will be placed in your confidential medical file (you will sign a consent form for snapping, storing and using the photographs).
    • Your height and weight will be measured to ensure you are physically fit for the operation. It is important to note that if you are planning to fall pregnant, your surgeon might delay the procedure.
    • Your potential implant size will be determined by implant sizing devices and 3-D imaging.
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    How is a breast augmentation performed?

    • If your surgeon is using implants, an incision is made to create a pocket in the chest/breast area, in which the implant is placed.
    • Implants are placed either behind the breast or behind the muscle the breast sits on, depending on your anatomy and the surgeon’s recommendations.
    • An additional option is fat transfer, when the surgeon removes some of your own fat, using liposuction, (from either your abdomen, thighs or flanks), and then transferring it into your breast.
    • During the procedure, an incision is made in the fold underneath the breast. If a lift is performed, then scars are present around the areolar, vertically down the breast and in the breast fold.

    Get to know about silicone breast implants:

    • As the name suggests, the outer layer of breast implants is made of silicone or, in some cases, polyurethane, and the inside is composed of cohesive silicone gel.
    • Implants are either round in shape, or in the form of a teardrop (anatomical). Round implants are fuller at the top of the breast, while the teardrop form allows you to select your width and height separately.
    • Each patient will have a different size depending on the natural dimensions of the existing breast tissue.
    • Medical silicone is used safely in many medical devices including breast implants. In all cases, your body will form a layer called a capsule around the implant.
    • In rare cases, the capsule can thicken and tighten around the implant (capsular contracture), which can change the shape and feeling of the breast.
    • The size of an implant is measured in millimeters (ml) in cubic centimeters (cm3) or by weight (grams).

    What is a breast uplift?

    • When you start noticing a mild droopiness (or ptsosis), breast augmentation surgery can offer you improvement through an additional procedure called a breast uplift or mastopexy.
    • When performed with augmentation, it is referred to as a breast augmentation mastopexy (BAM).
    • If the size of the breast is not a concern but only the droopiness, then the surgery is performed without an implant, while the mastopexy can be performed on its own.


    Breast augmentation recovery time and lasting results:

    • Your recovery time, post-operative instructions, and the duration as to when you can resume your normal physical activity and work, will be individualized depending on your procedure and discussed prior to your surgery.
    • Your surgeon will share detailed instructions of how to take care of your surgical area and for any warning symptoms. The amount of time it takes for recovery, varies greatly among patients and will be discussed based on your particular case.
    • Breast augmentation results are long-lasting. However, keep in mind that age-related changes occur with breast tissue. Breast size and shape is affected by weight gain, pregnancy, breastfeeding, sports and gravity. Routine follow-ups and normal breast care should not be missed.

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