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Breast Reconstruction Surgery is a blessing for women who have been through mastectomy and Lumpectomy.

Ideally, the Breast Reconstruction surgery retains the shape of the beast when a partial lump or part is removed. And, in case of Mastectomy, entirely new breast is contracted, using Autologous tissue and implants.  

While, we have King of Aesthetics, Dr Adnan Tahir and Dr Rory McGoldrick, who have years of experience under their belt, and the method which refines with technologies and studies. Hence, the results of the surgeries have been nothing but perfection.

Important Consideration for the Procedure

Like any other procedures, there are some important considerations to make if opting for the surgery.

Since, this surgery is mostly performed after Mastectomy or Lumpectomy, the patient must decide either they opt to have the procedure in mastectomy or later when the surgical site has healed from the first surgery. 

Immediate Reconstruction

Some patients opt to have the Breast Reconstruction during the Mastectomy, to avoid going under the knife twice. Often, depending on the nature of Mastectomy, the surgeon while in mastectomy can preserve the skin and rarely, the areola or nipple.

It may be great help in the reconstruction process, while some elements are present there already, reducing the scaring, and preserving the natural elements.      

Delayed Reconstruction

Ideally, the delayed reconstruction is opted for the healing process of Mastectomy, and sometimes doctors delay the process of reconstruction for Radiotherapy and scar healing.

And, if radiotherapy is scheduled, surgeon will advise you to delay. Since, Radiotherapy may cause Capsular contracture in newly constructed cavity. 

What is Capsular Contracture?

Capsular Contracture is a condition where scar tissues may form a ring around the implant, isolating the implant from the chest tissues. Moreover, this can cause the change in shape and may even give an uneven appearance.  

In the case of radiotherapy, often harden the scar tissue and thus may result in a ring-like formation. Hence, surgeons often recommend duration for healing before the Breast Reconstruction. 

After care

In your post-op consultation with the Breast Augmentation Surgeons in UAE, they will guide you on how to take care of the incisions, and watch for some signs of infection and scars.

Ideally, doctors will guide you with a slight lifestyle change, which will hamper several physical activities, lifting objects, and picking weights. While these precautions are taken for few weeks, the post-op consultations are a must to visit to keep track of the process and surgical site.

Some numbness and soreness will be felt for several weeks, but that too will subside with time, and you will be able to regain day to day activity once doctors clear you off.  

Reasons to Consider the Procedure

Mostly, women who are not comfortable wearing the prosthetics, opt for the surgery. Breasts have been the part of female anatomy, and suddenly losing a part of the busy can be distressing.

While losing breasts or breast can cause stress and effect mental health and in order to regain the confidence and feel normal. Hence, women choose to have it while having the mastectomy or even later. 

Pre-Procedure Consultation

In this part of the process, you can come and discuss with your surgeon, the expectations and outcomes of the surgery.

It is important to realize that the reconstruction may not seem or feel like the natural ones, and after the surgery and few weeks after healing may present slightly different.

Our Celebrity Plastic Surgeon, Dr Adnan Tahir and Dr Rory McGoldrick, are experts in the field and take you through the steps of the transition process. After examination of the surgical site, and taking measurements, weight, and height for patient file.

The Procedure

Since, it depends on the kind of procedure the patient had for Mastectomy or Lumpectomy that changes the fate of the decision.

In either case there are options to reconstruct the optimum satisfactory breast after the surgery

Reconstruction Using an Implant

In this method, the implant is placed under the chest muscle to give the breasts or breast the same firm shape like the natural ones. In this method, more or less same shape can be achieved when only one breast has been removed in Mastectomy.

Autologous Tissue Construction

For many patients, this method is an ideal approach by using their own tissue, fat and muscles. Often, when nipple and Areola is preserved while Mastectomy, placing the patient’s own muscle and flap, the cavity can be reconstructed.

Expander Implant

In this procedure, the implant is placed with a tissue expander behind the chest muscle. When the body is in autonomy after radiotherapy or healing the expander in place can be performed in outpatient procedure.

Ideally, this implant is filled by saline solution and in two or three visits, the implant is gradually filled to let the silicone implant gradually make space in the chest muscle.        

The Implant

Just like other procedures, the implant is made out of silicone gel or saline water. These are extremely safe to be placed inside the body cavity. Ideally, doctors suggest it can last for up to eight or more years, but only with continuous checkups and follow-ups, it can be assessed.  

Scars and Incisions

Just like any other surgery, the incisions are kept at minimal to avoid scars. For every procedure the incisions are different, in case of an implant, a slight incision around the crease is created to make pockets for insertion.          

Bespoke Procedure

For your complete satisfaction, the doctors will devise a plan to achieve a similar breast in case of one mastectomy, to match both. But, with time, aging, and hormonal changes, the breast might start to look slightly different.

Hence, Breast Augmentation Surgeon in UK and UAE, will also brief you on the expectations post-op, and years to follow. Also, the incision, pros and cons of the implant chosen, and how to care for scars.

Since, all cases are different, the procedure will be devised as per your medical conditions, and your surgeons will also take through all the probable risks that may arise. Moreover, patients are completely guided on all the changes that may arise with time.     

Remember it is still a surgical procedure therefore

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