Clitoral Hood Reduction in Dubai

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What Is Clitoral Hood Reduction?

The clitoris is under the meeting point of the inner labia, which forms a little hood known as the clitoral hood. The size, shape, and thickness of the clitoral hood differs among women. A woman with a large hood also has large labial lips. Both the enlarged clitoral hood and the labia create noticeable bulges, specifically prominent when wearing close-fitting outerwear.

Clitoral hood reduction or clitoral unhooding, or hoodectomy is a surgical procedure that reduces the extra coverage from the clitoris. This tends to improve the pubic area's visual appearance and enhance sexual pleasure, and this procedure conceals the clitoral, giving the vulva a neater and trimmer look.

Ageing, congenital problems, genetics, testosterone, and estrogen affect the look of the clitoris, like an accumulation of extra skin on both sides of the clitoris. The clitoral hood reduction is also made to get rid of the excess skin and tissue.


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    Who is an ideal candidate for a Clitoral Hood Reduction?

    If you have an asymmetric clitoris, excess skin, and decreased stimulation on the clitoris, or a reduced ability to orgasm, then you are an ideal candidate for this procedure. But you should have realistic expectations, and you should have good physical and mental health, free from genital disease.

    What can you expect from a Clitoral Hood Reduction surgery?

    The surgeon will use a local anesthesia that lasts for up to two hours. You will have some redness, discomfort, and swelling in the treated area which will take seven days to subside. This is an outpatient procedure; you can go home immediately after the process. To achieve optimal results, you can combine labiaplasty with clitoral hoodectomy. The results are visible immediately, but due to discomfort, swelling may overweigh the effects and will take time to subside. The results are visible after ten days or until the treated area is completely healed.

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    What should you consider from Clitoral Hood Reduction surgery?

    The tenderness and inflammation can be reduced by applying ice with some pain-relieving medicines. You can get back to your activities after two to three days, though recovery may vary upon the extent of the surgery.

    Avoid intercourse, strenuous activities, and heavy lifting during the recovery period. Keep the targeted area clean to avoid any possibility of infection.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Clitoral Hood Reduction surgery

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