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What is a Labiaplasty?

A Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure designed to enhance a patient’s desired genital appearance. While this is a very individual and personal requirement, labiaplasty generally involves reducing the size of the labia minora, or the skin flaps on each side of the vaginal opening and involves some modifications to the vagina. Did you know that there are literally hundreds of forms in which a labia can be seen?

Ageing and growth can lead to labia elongation. The purpose of this surgery is mainly to shorten the length of the labia.

In a labiaplasty procedure, modifications are made to the inner or outer labia. Patients can choose between having a short or long inter/external labia, naturally.




    When should you consider a Labiaplasty?

    There are two situations when you can opt for vaginal rejuvenation:

    • Situation 1: Your personal dissatisfaction with the appearance of your vagina. In such situations, the vulval surgery can be opted by you, and you will get what you want. The doctor will shorten the length of the labia according to your preference, and as per your shape and size.
    • Situation 2: This is a bit more complex, and it involves issues when the labia is sucked or gets tucked inside the vagina during sexual intercourse. This can be extremely painful, and you are advised to seek the help of a doctor immediately. If you are opting for surgery, you probably have no other choice than getting the vulval rejuvenation.

    However, if it is due to personal preferences, you should take a look at the risk. Our labiaplasty surgeons will provide you with the required guidance, and only when you are ready to take the risk, should you opt for the surgery.

    What you need to consider during Labiaplasty surgery

    Your surgeon will provide you with options that will depend upon the extent of corrections required, and the choice of surgical techniques that suits you. Do keep in mind that this is a long-term solution for you to achieve a desirable appearance. There are some risks which you should consider with the surgeon, and once you approve of them and are aware of what is largely at stake, will the surgeons proceed with the labiaplasty surgery

    Feeling Overwhelmed with Information?

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    What happens during labiaplasty at the consultation?

    During your consultation at our speciality labiaplasty clinic in Dubai, remember to write down all your possible concerns and questions and have them ready when you meet with your plastic surgeon, apart from weighing the pros and cons of your surgical options as well as sharing your medical history.

    The surgeon will need to know all your current medications that you are taking, whether you have had any serious illness in the past, and as to whether you smoke.

    Our plastic surgeons will then commence examination and medical photography, which will be stored in your confidential file. Please remember that the photography, storage, and usage of the photographs will be as per your consent, through a form that is filled before the process. Moreover, there will be a general physical examination that will record your height, weight, and other factors to determine whether you are fit for the surgery or not. Make sure to inform your plastic surgeon if you plan on being pregnant as the surgeon might postpone the surgery due to some reasons.


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