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What is a Labiaplasty?

A Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure designed to enhance genital appearance in accordance with the desires of the patient. Since the desire is based on the individual, in general the procedure seeks to reduce the size of the labia minora. The process involves some modifications to the vagina. There are literally hundreds of forms in which a labia can be seen!

In a labiaplasty procedure, the inner or outer labia are modified. Folks can have a short or long inter or external labia naturally. Simple aging and growing can lead to labia elongation. The purpose of this surgery is mainly to shorten the length of the labia.

In short, labiaplasty is the reduction in the size of the labia minora or the skin flaps on each side of the vaginal opening.




    When to consider a Labiaplasty?

    There are two situations when one can opt for vaginal rejuvenation. First is the most common, and that is personal dissatisfaction with how one’s genital appearance is. In such situations, the vulval surgery can be opted by the person, and they will get what they want. The doctor will shorten the length of their labia according to their desire, and they can have their personalized shape and size. The second situation is harrowing and complicated. This is when the labia is sucked or gets tucked inside the vagina during sexual intercourse. This can be extremely painful, and it is advised that you should seek the help of a doctor immediately. If you are opting for the surgery for the second reason, you probably have no other choice than getting the vulval rejuvenation. But if it is due to personal preferences, you should take a look at the risk. These will be told to you by the labiaplasty surgeons and only when you are ready to take the risk should you opt for the surgery.

    What to expect from a tummy tuck in dubai?

    During the procedure the plastic surgeon will remove loose skin and excess fat along with tightening the tummy muscles (these are known as the rectus muscles and when they stretch aprt this is referred to as diastasis).  A tummy tuck is not a quick weight loss option and needs to be carefully considered.

    The surgeon will evaluate if you have any stretch marks in the area, often these can be removed or made less noticeable.

    A full abdominoplasty involves scars around the umbilicus (belly button). If you only have skin laxity towards the lower part of the abdomen a mini tummy tuck can be performed which does not leave a scar around the umbilicus. A muscle tightening procedure can also be conducted with a mini-tummy tuck.

    Feeling Overwhelmed with Information?

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    What you need to consider?

    There are some options in the surgery, and the one most suitable for you will be chosen by the best plastic surgeon Dubai after a discussion with you. The surgery will reshape the vaginal lips and make them appear according to your preferences. The process can be executed with or without an anesthetic dose. The extra tissue or skin is cut and removed with a scalpel. The wound is then stitched with special dissolvable stitches. The process does not take a long time. You would be free in an hour or two and possibly will go home the same day. But you will need to take care of the wound. Moreover, the wound will take up to 2 weeks to recover, and it might take some months before you and your skin heal and recover completely.

    Your surgeon will provide you with options that will depend upon the extent of corrections required, your anatomy and surgical techniques you have to choose the one that suits you the most. This is a long-term solution to have a desirable appearance. There are some particular risks which you should consider with the surgeon. Only when you approve of the risks and are aware of what is at stake, only then would the surgeons proceed with the surgery.

    What happens at the consultation?

    Remember to write down all your possible concerns and questions and have them ready for when you meet with your plastic surgeon. You will be discussing your surgical options, the pros and cons of each, as well as your medical history. The surgeon will need to know all your current medications you are taking and any serious illness you may have had in the past and as to whether you smoke.

    The celebrity plastic surgeon will then start examination and medical photography, which will be stored in your confidential file. Please remember that the photography, storage, and usage of the photographs will be by your consent through a form that is filled before the process. Moreover, there will be a general physical examination that will check your height, weight, and other factors to determine whether you are fit for surgery or not. Make sure that you inform your plastic surgeon if you plan on being pregnant because the surgeon might postpone the surgery due to some reasons.

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    Recovery and how long will my results last?

    The time you need to recover, post-operative instructions, and the period before resuming physical activity is hypothesized before your surgery. Your situation is assessed by the best plastic surgeon Dubai, and then all these factors are predicted. Your surgeon will let you know what you need to look out for and how you need to take care of certain areas after the surgery. Your recovery time might be variable and dependent on your physical ability, conditions, and other factors that the surgeon will discuss with you before your surgery is starting or during the consultation process. It is advisable to note that most people get their results, but some people might not be able to sustain the results. If you follow the doctors’ guidelines, take proper care of the area, and take all precautionary measures, it is guaranteed that your results will last for a lifetime.

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