CoolSculpting Fat Freezing Treatment in Dubai

FDA-Approved Non Surgical Cryolipolysis

What is CoolSculpting or Cryolipolysis?

Do you also have stubborn fat that doesn’t come off even though you work out a lot and follow a strict diet? If yes, then you can opt for this fantastic electromagnetic frequency fat reducing process. This is one of the most advanced techniques in the world which is used at the Lutetia clinics.

This treatment is approved by the FDA and is the only non-surgical treatment for this purpose. In cryolipolysis, the individual machines at Lutetia can freeze your fat cells at a specific temperature; it destroys them. It then allows your body to eliminate them over time.




    What Are Fat Pockets and Cellulitis?

    Cellulite is the dimple-looking skin which can be found mostly on buttocks and thighs and is developed when the fatty tissues push up against the connective tissue. It is present in both genders but is mostly seen in women. Many women ask us can liposuction remove cellulite?

    Fat pockets as suggestive by their name are pockets of stubborn fat, which doesn’t go even with a healthy diet and a fit lifestyle.

    What Results Can be Expected?

    Coolsculpting or cryolipolysis is one of the most heavily researched areas of non-invasive body contouring and has been shown to be the best way to remove fat pockets and areas with concentrated fat distribution. Patients have been known to experience a reduction of up to 20-25% in the fat layer of the treated area. In our experience, results can often be witnessed in a time of 2 to 6 months after the sessions. You must have a changed lifestyle if you want these results to last.

    What is the Procedure like?

    The procedure is short and lasts between 35 minutes to 1 hour. Patients can feel redness, numbness, or pinching in the area being treated, but no patient has ever reported any side effects.


    Feeling Overwhelmed with Information?

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    How does it Work?

    With the help of advanced technology, cool sculpting can freeze the tissues at a specific temperature. This makes it easy for the fat cells to be removed via waste easily. Fat cells are vulnerable to cold, and with them being frozen, the surrounding area is kept safe.

    Many people do not know whether they should go for this process or not.

    If you have rigid fat on any area of the body, the cool wave process can tone your body and give it a controlled shape. You can combine this process with exercises and diet for even better results.

    If you are opting for this product, you should have defined goals regarding your weight.

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