Face and Neck lift Surgery in Dubai

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What is Face & Neck Lift Surgery?

There are many factors that can influence how your skin ages with time, however the one thing that is common to all of us is the fact that with time, skin starts to lose elasticity. Changes in the connective tissue reduces the skin's strength as well as the elasticity, this is known as elastosis. Elastosis can be more noticeable in areas of skin which have more exposure to the sun, known as solar elastosis. Among other factors, this can contribute to causing skin to sag, creating a baggy appearance, and decrease the self-confidence one has in themselves.

Face and neck lift surgery from the best celebrity plastic surgeon can help restore your eyelids' natural and youthful appearance and slow down or even reverse the aging effect. With the help of a surgery, your face and neck can be repositioned to give a better and more youthful appearance.

The doctors can help to reposition the fats, tissues, skin on your face, and skin so that your skin is tight and fresh again.


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    When to consider Face & Neck Lift Surgery?

    As we mentioned earlier, aging can cause your skin to sag and become wrinkled and baggy. The face and neck lift surgery from the best surgeons in the world is the last option you have. It is also recommended that you improve your skin's condition through nutrition and your lifestyle. Start with taking a balanced, organic, and healthy diet, which will help you better your skin. Once that fails, you can use cosmetic strategies such as using anti-aging and anti-wrinkle creams and medicated lotions to decrease your aging process and sustain the fresh appearance for as long as possible. The next stop is dermal filler injections to restore the skin's stretchiness and elasticity to regain the youthful face and get rid of the saggy face and turkey neck. But even when that fails, then people go for this surgery. But most of the time, people skip the steps in between and go to filler injections or even the surgery directly.

    What you need to consider for Face & Neck Lift Surgery in Dubai?

    Your surgeon will provide you with options that will depend upon the extent of corrections required, your anatomy and surgical techniques you have to choose the one that suits you the most.

    This is a long-term solution to have a desirable appearance. There are some particular risks which you should consider with the surgeon. Only when you approve of the risks and are aware of what is at stake, only then would the surgeons proceed with the surgery.

    Feeling Overwhelmed with Information?

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    • Facelift or Rhytidectomy

      This is the first part of the surgery where your face is returned to the young shape that you wanted. During this surgery, a flap of the skin in your face is pulled back. This is done on both sides.

      Extra soft tissue is repositioned and sometimes removed, along with extra facial fat cells. This entire process will take care of the sagging and the bagginess that has appeared on your face over time.

    • Neck Lift or Platysmaplasty

      This process is usually done along with a facelift to give a more balanced and neat appearance to the overall face. The extra fat is removed to create a more defined jawline and better definition of bones and facial features. Keep in mind that both of these procedures will not account for the wrinkles or lines on the face. Moreover they will also not cater to the skin damage done by the sun or other factors. However you can restore your skin health wiht the help of non-surgical treatments and lifestyle changes in nutrition.

    • Scars & Incisions

      Scarring is a risk that is present when you are thinking about the face and neck lift surgeries, however with over 30+ years of experience, Maison Lutétia is perfectly placed to adopt the most dynamic and innovative approach to minimising the impact by making incisions on your face's natural crease lines. Incisions not on natural crease lines will fade with time and most be cared for in line with your post operative guidance to ensure it fades satisfactorily. 

    • Treatment Plans Tailored to You

      Your board-certified surgeon will discuss your aims and objectives, which you want to achieve through surgery. These include the surgery you will be opting for, the process, results, problems that might occur, what you expect from the surgery, and the post-recovery plan will be shared out with you. However, to discuss all these, you must already discuss your lifestyle, including your physical activity at the moment and your goals. This way, the surgeon can effectively create a pre-treatment and post-treatment plan for the best recovery and an active process.

    How Long will the Recovery Time be?

    The time you need to recover, post-operative instructions, and the period before resuming physical activity is hypothesized before your surgery. Your situation continually assessed by your board-certified plastic surgeon in Dubai, and then all these factors are predicted.

    Your surgeon will let you know what you need to look out for and how you need to take care of certain areas after the surgery. Your recovery time might be variable and dependent on your physical ability, conditions, and other factors that the surgeon will discuss with you before your surgery is starting or during the consultation process. Please know that the results of these surgeries are not permanent but long-lasting, you can expect these results to last for almost ten years.

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