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Wrinkles are the epitome reflection of life, its experiences, turmoil, and events. In each crease a story is hidden, just like rings on a tree. These rings are nothing but the beauty and prints of the life lived.

Some individuals love their fine lines while it is a let-down for many. Moreover, in many couples, so it happens when the skin starts developing wrinkles, one of the premature aging signs and feels let down by them.



    Why does Skin develop fine lines & wrinkles?

    As we grow, skin loses it elasticity and collagen, since these elements were the reason of skin holding up taut and contoured. But, as we age, the elasticity slowly reduces, hence causes wrinkles and fine lines.

    But, sometimes, some lifestyle factors harm the skin and cause early aging. Here at Lutetia, our Skin Care experts, after consultation, can advise procedures and methods for fighting and to Reduce Fine Lines And Wrinkles.

    Our Skincare Consultants emphasize on taking early action when seeing the premature aging reflecting on the skin. Moreover, diet can also influence the aging and hamper it significantly, food rich with antioxidants, and Omega-3 Fatty Acids add a lot of value to fighting aging.

    Also, proper nighttime sleep, use of sunscreen, use of silk pillowcase, routine use of emollients, are one of the many lifestyles that our consultant advises. Exercise, cut back on smoking, and eliminating stress can contribute a lot to your skin rejuvenation process.


    Signs to Watch For:

    • Winkles
    • Crow lines
    • Frown Lines
    • Laugh Lines
    • Glabellar lines
    • Deep lines that form from your nose to corners of the mouth
    • Lip Lines

    Treatment plans for Fine Lines and Wrinkles?

    Our experts at Lutetia have solutions to each problem, and each procedure is designed as per the requirement of skin, age, and health factors. Our Skincare Consultants, provide Laser Rejuvenation, Alpha-Hydroxy Acids, Retinoid, RF Micro-Needling, Peels, and many other treatment plans as per the need puff skin are designed.

    Moreover, diet, lifestyle alterations, or some night crèmes may be your solution to skin problems. We here at Lutetia, believe in helping you sort your problem with grace.


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