Medical Peels in Dubai

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What is a Medical Peel?

We all want our skin to stay radiant, fresh, gleaming and most importantly healthy. Our medical peel process is one of the best ways to achieve this. In this procedure, a plastic surgeon will heal your skin from the damage done by sun, pollution and any harmful chemical products. We all know that our skin needs exfoliation if we want to maintain health and glow. While some people are gifted with perfect and clear skin, most of us are not. And for that, we need to take proper care of the skin. Sometimes, regular exfoliation might not be enough for your skin. Medical peels from the best dermatologist Dubai will help remove the layer of dead skin cells that have built on your face and improve blood circulation and complexion. We offer numerous variations in the peel which have different intensities, and we follow up the medical peel with a LED light therapy to get the best results out of it. Moreover, medical peels can improve your crepey skin. Besides, they will also take care of fine lines, creases, or wrinkles on your face. It will also help in the scar appearances, acne, fade sunspots as well as cure hyperpigmentation.


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    What is the difference between TCA & AHA Peels?

    At our clinics, the plastic surgeons offer a diversity of peels depending on skin type and the goals, but all of them can be categorized in these two types. The AHA peels are merely named after the substance we use in them. Alpha Hydroxy Acids are best for exfoliating the skin gently, removing the dead skin layer from the top, and revealing fresh and healthy skin beneath. These peels are very gentle and mild and are best for almost all skin types.

    The TCA peels use the trichloroacetic acid and help in deep cleansing and deep exfoliating. They treat skin, which is affected by worse damage and deep acne. They go deep into the skin and refresh it from there. TCA peels can cause redness on the skin for a few days, but they allow a better and more fine peel after that.

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