Non-Surgical Eyelift in Dubai

Learn more about our Non-Surgical Eyelift procedure

What is a non-surgical eyelift?

With passing time, our skin loses collagen and elastin. This causes our skin to sag and becomes baggy. The first area of the body to show this is the eye. A standard solution is getting eyelid surgery, but surgery can sometimes not be a suitable option for some patients. Hence, the nonsurgical eyelift (soft blepharoplasty) is the best way to get your skin corrected from the best plastic surgeon Dubai. It will allow your skin to be repaired and the wrinkles on the eyelids to be removed. The process is done by a plasma pen that uses dots to trigger a healing cascade; it tightens and freshens up the skin on the eye and prevents eye bags. It also saves you from any incisions in the process, and our plastic surgeon is an expert in this.




    Should I consider a Non-Surgical Eyelift?

    Patients who see that their eyelids have become burdensome, those who see wrinkles on the eye or near the brows and lashes, if you feel that it has become a little hard to apply eye make-up, then you should consider this process. Many people will think of surgery at this point. Surgery is a process yielding long-term benefits, but the process is more complex, painful, and expensive. What we recommend to our patients is that they should try the nonsurgical eye lift at the start. The plastic surgeons will help you regain your youthful eyes and remove any baggy or puffy appearance disturbing you for some time.

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