Non-surgical Eyelift (Soft Blepharoplasty)

Give your eyes a good look with our non-surgical eyelift treatment

What is a non-surgical eyelift?

Over time, our skin loses collagen and elastin, causing it to sag and become baggy. The first area of the body to show this is the eye. A standard solution is getting eyelid surgery, but it can sometimes not be a suitable option for everyone. The nonsurgical eyelift (soft blepharoplasty) is the best procedure to get your skin corrected from the best plastic surgeon in Dubai, using a plasma pen that uses dots to trigger a healing cascade which tightens and freshens up the skin on the eye and prevents eye bags. It can also save you from any incisions in the process.


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    Why should you consider a non-surgical eyelift?

    Patients whose eyelids have become burdensome, with wrinkles on the eye or near the brows and lashes, making it hard to apply eye make-up, should consider this process. Many people will think of surgery at this point. Surgery is a process yielding long-term benefits, but the process is more complex, painful, and expensive. Non-surgical eyelifts are always a better option as they are painless. The non-surgical eyelift treatment is more for those who’ve not achieved the desired results using over-the-counter wrinkle treatments.

    What is the procedure for a non-surgical eyelift treatment?

    Using a plasma pen, a series of small dots on the skin are created to trigger a reaction which is a healing cascade. As the skin heals, it tightens, lifts, forms contours, and renews itself. All of these processes work especially well in lifting the skin on the eyelids and giving it a subtle lift. What’s more, it can tighten the loose skin that causes undereye bags, without the incisions or the longer downtime that comes with eyelid surgery.

    What happens during a non-surgical eyelift treatment?

    Heavy eyelids, puffy eyes, undereye bags, eye crinkles, or undereye wrinkles can all be treated by the plasma pen. Because of the way the plasma pen works, it can treat skin tags and moles and even smooth the tiny lines that can develop around the lips.

    How to prepare for a non-surgical eyelift treatment?

    • It’s important to discuss treatment options with your provider to gauge the risks and share your medical history before opting for treatment.
    • These treatments aren’t intended for people under the age of 18.
    • It’s advisable for women who are pregnant or in nursing to avoid these treatments.
    • Your physical activity may have to be restricted for a few days following your treatment.

    What can you expect from a non-surgical eyelift treatment?

    • A ‘plasma pen’ is used which ionizes the gas particles in the air between the device tip and your skin.
    • The excess skin is intently vaporized and tightened by creating plasma that causes the targeted skin tissue to go from being solid to gas, leaving a carbon crust on the area.
    • It’s perfectly safe as only the treatment area is affected due to the high level of precision around a 0.3 mm surface area.
    • Post-treatment the eyelid will have small brown spots; these will remain during the healing phase.
    • During this healing period after a non-surgical eyelift treatment, your skin will start generating collagen and elastin density, resulting in a tighter, more youthful look.

    What are the benefits of a non-surgical eyelift treatment?

    • First and foremost, a non-invasive procedure tightens and lifts the skin while smoothing wrinkles.
    • As the skin heals, it tightens, lifts, improves contours, and makes your skin look younger. This works especially well to lift the skin on the eyelids and your eyebrows.
    • It can tighten the loose skin that causes eye bags and is a better alternative to the longer downtime that comes with eyelid surgery.

    Non-surgical eyelift treatment in Dubai

    Visit our Maison Lutétia for the best approach to non-surgical eyelift treatment in Dubai under the guidance of our expert specialists.


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