Expert facials

Give your skin a regeneration program with our expert facials

How do you nourish your complexion?

Are you falling out of love for your skin’s complexion? Is your skin beginning to sag? Then maybe it’s time to have that conversation with our skincare specialists who can offer you expert cellular facials. If you want to give your skin the kind of regeneration it deserves, expert facials are your best option. Unlike ordinary facials, this procedure is medically designed to cleanse, exfoliate, and refresh your skin, helping to lighten its complexion, especially if you have been subject to sunburns or pigmentation. What makes it even more special is that apart from cleansing, oxygenating and hydrating your skin, the procedure revitalizes your skin fully, keeping it clear and fresh apart from offering you a relaxing session that’s good even for your mental health.

Our expert skincare specialists take you through three steps of the facial which are done using advanced technology:

  • Gentle aquabrasion which washes, cleanses and exfoliates the skin with hydrating ingredients
  • Use of radio frequencies at different depths that penetrate your skin and stimulate fibroblasts, promoting the production of collagen and elastin
  • Ultrasound waves that provide the most profound hydration for your skin.

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    What makes you a candidate for an expert facial treatment?

    Expert facial treatments are a premium level of luxury in skin rejuvenation and healing is not limited to women but also for men. It’s for the always-on, socially conscious person for whom facial appearance is of prime importance especially in standing apart from the crowd in active social circles.

    Even if you do not want that strong lifting power on your face, it is still best to get your skin hydrated and tightened from the depths, to promote its youthful appearance and make it last long enough for you not to have surgery. The entire process is very relaxing, enjoyable, and soothing for your nerves and your skin.

    Who needs facial treatments?

    Expert facials are perfect for those who require:

    • Skin cell renewal: Facials can help get rid of dead skin cells efficiently. The microdermabrasion or fruit acid peel, clears off dead skin cells. Exfoliations during facials match your specific skin type, leaving you with smooth skin, apart from increasing cellular growth, and preventing skin discolouration.
    • Removal of blackheads and clean pores: Extraction tools painlessly remove all the blackheads that clog your skin pores that make your skin look dull. They get past surface cleansing and refining your pores, leaving your skin refreshed. Facials when done regularly, really gives your skin the deep cleaning it needs.
    • Relief from stress: Facial treatments loosen and relax your facial muscles, providing you inner relief. They help detoxify your skin, giving it a youthful glow.

    A younger look: Facial treatments and anti-ageing creams used during facial treatments not only get rid of wrinkles, but help increase blood circulation and oxygen flow, promoting collagen production and better skin elasticity.

    What are the types of facial treatment?

    • Microdermabrasion
    • Laser skin resurfacing

    What happens during the facial treatment consultation?

    • Cleansing: Your skincare specialist will gently massage your face and neck with a cleanser to remove makeup and dirt. A soft facial sponge or cotton pad is then used to gently remove the cleanser from your face with warm water.
    • Exfoliation: Your aesthetician may work to remove dead skin cells with an exfoliating cream or scrub.
    • Extractions: Using a special metal tool or hand, pores clogged with excess oil or dead skin cells from blackheads and acne are removed.
    • Massage: Most facials have a massage of the face and parts of the upper body, used to improve the lymphatic drainage of your body.
    • Masks: As a final step, a customised facial mask will be applied on your face, and you would have to wait from 30 minutes to an hour.

    Expert facial treatment in Dubai

    The best way to cleanse your skin is to speak to our skincare experts at Maison Lutétia Clinics in Dubai for the best expert facial treatment in Dubai.


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