O-Shot in Dubai

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What is an O-Shot Treatment?

The O-shot is an intimate non-surgical procedure that corrects a woman’s private health. The procedure involves a surgeon treating the the vaginal walls to help increase sensitivity and sexual pleasure.The treatment stimulates blood flow towards the female reproductive organ, collagen regeneration, and cell growth at the injected area.

The O-shot procedure can help with vaginal dryness, lichen sclerosis, painful intercourse, urinary incontinence, and low libido. It is a non-surgical procedure with almost no to minimal downtime. It is a fast and effective procedure, doesn’t need any drug, and the process offers immediate results in most women. However, the results are temporary but are dramatically pleasing. There is a need for maintenance therapy about 6 to 12 months after, but it this varies from person to person.


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    How does the O-Shot Work?

    The procedure, takes about an hour to complete in the doctor’s office by the leading board-certified Aesthetic Gynecologists Dr. Alia. Whatsapp us now to discuss the exact process involved.

    Results and Recovery

    After the treatment, the intercourse pain decreases, the treatment increases the natural lubrication, tightened the vagina, increases the libido, and reduces the urinary incontinence. You might feel soreness and discomfort after the treatment. You can resume the activities 24 hours from the treatment, though the effect can be felt after a week. Once the treatment is completed, there might be a feeling of fullness within the vagina, which will take at least three days to resolve. There might be spot bleeding for three days.

    Meet our Aesthetic Gynecologist Dr Alia

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