Sagging Skin

Looking for a solution to this common problem?

As we age our delicate skin layers become less elastic, less toned. Environmental factors, stress and an unhealthy lifestyle speed up the process. Your collagen production decreases over time leaving your skin with less volume. At Lutetia we can restore, revive and lift.

What causes skin to sag?

The most common reason for skin to sag is age. Collagen and elastin, the two substances that give skin its structure, break down. As collagen weakens so does the connective tissue that holds your skin, muscle, and fat together.

Sun exposure and smoking also cause damage to collagen and elastin. So the more you limit your exposure to these skin stressors the better your skin will look over time.


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    Skin slackening and loss of volume, another sign of aging, translates to more hollow facial contours, a less defined jawline, and lines on your neck. Though the very first signs can be seen from the sides of the nose to the lips, folds from the lips to the chin, on the cheekbones, and on the eyelids.


    Signs to Watch For:

    • Softening Jawline
    • Bags under Eyes
    • Droopy Eyelids
    • Slackening Cheeks
    • Lines on the Neck
    • Deep lines from the nose to the corner of the mouth

    Is There an Effective Treatment for Sagging Skin?

    Prevention is important. Your skin reflects your lifestyle so take care of the skin you are in. Choose a good moisturizer that includes sunscreen. Drink lots of water and get plenty of sleep. This won’t prevent sagging skin altogether but will slow down the effects of time.Before you decide on a more permanent procedure such as a facelift, visit Lutetia for less invasive and more natural-looking ways to reduce these signs of ageing, that include laser rejuvenation, fillers, SkinBoosters, and several other treatments.


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