Body Hair Removal

A Permanent Solution to a Recurring Problem

Most everyone has body hair somewhere that they wish to remove. Hair that is fine and light-colored isn’t so bad, but that dark, coarse hair that might grow on your back, on your legs or, for women, on your upper lip, is not something we welcome.

What Causes Excessive Body Hair?

Keep in mind that where your hair grows and where it doesn’t, is often a matter of genetics or can be caused by hormones.

Though body hair is absolutely natural, both men and women have some hair on their skin. In fact, the only skin that has absolutely no hair growth is the skin on your palms and the bottom of your feet.


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    For men, it’s a matter of genetics whether you have thick hair on your back, legs or chin. Some men can easily grow a thick beard, others don’t have enough facial hair. For women, hair can be fine, light and hardly noticeable. If your hair is coarse and dark on your face, arms, back or chest, it might be an indication of a hormone imbalance. We recommend making an appointment with your doctor to find out more.


    Signs to Watch For:

    • Dark hair on the back, chest or shoulders
    • Soft, light hair on arms
    • Dark hair on legs
    • Stray hairs on chin
    • Hair outside the beard
    • Unwanted hair next or below hairline

    How Can I Permanently Remove Unwanted Body Hair?

    Shaving, waxing, and plucking are the most common methods. Though they are time-consuming and painful and tend to leave evidence–like bumps or even ingrown hairs–on your skin. If the point of hair removal is to reveal smooth skin, these methods are less than ideal.Not only that, both of these solutions are temporary and have to be done regularly to keep the skin smooth and hair-free. This constant care and results leave the skin bumpy or irritated, have made more permanent hair removal methods some of the most popular aesthetic procedures in the world.

    We have two treatments to permanently reduce hair growth and an option to bleach the hair with a laser so it becomes invisible for weeks at a time.

    Electrolysis is a more permanent solution but because it is time-consuming and less comfortable it is best used in complement with our most popular option: Laser hair removal.


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