SkinBoosters in Dubai

Learn more about our SkinBoosters procedure

Hydrate Skin Without Adding Volume

If your skin is dry and you are unable to solve this scenario even though you are using moisturizers and other products, you should opt for a skin booster. Skin-boosters will allow your skin to be hydrated to the deepest level.

They hydrate your skin at the cellular level and go to the deepest layers to perform moisturization and hydration. This improves the general look of the skin and maintains as well as promotes better health.

The best plastic surgeon Dubai will help you take care of all of your skin problems. At Lutetia clinics, our celebrity plastic surgeon will hydrate your skin to become soft and supple.




    Are Skin Boosters right for Me?

    Often, people are not even aware that their skin is dry and dehydrated. They use cosmetic products to fix the damage the skin shows, such as dull complexion, but they do not know that this is caused by dehydration, and the skin needs to be properly hydrated.

    Our dermatologist says everyone who has mature skin or skin burned by the sun can opt for this process. Even if you have no problem, you can get this process to lock-in hydration for months.

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