Aesthetic and reconstructive Gynecology

Surgical & Non-Surgical Aesthetic & Reconstructive Techniques

What is Aesthetic gynecology?

Aesthetic and reconstructive gynecology aims to improve the physical appearance or function of the sensation and other cosmetic issues related to the reproductive system's health and functioning. The results of cosmetic gynecology can also rejuvenate the genitals to make the body looks younger or aesthetically-pleasing.

Aesthetic and Reconstructive Gynecology is all about the appearance and function of the intimate area. This includes both surgical and non-surgical procedures for the patient's comfort; improve the appearance and part of the private spots, and treat menopausal symptoms together with anti-aging therapies. These problems can be due to congenital issues, vaginal delivery, pregnancy, weight loss, aging, gravity, chronic pelvic issues, and menopause.



    360-Body lift

    Benefits Of Aesthetic Gynecology

    Several methods or procedures are included in aesthetic gynecology that many women opt to improve their exterior beauty and intimate lives. This is beneficial to correct stretched skin, weight loss of collagen, elastin, and fat; it can also correct scarring after episiotomy, anal skin tags, and discoloration of the vulva skin.

    Non-Surgical Aesthetic & Reconstructive Techniques

    • FemiLift Laser Device

      The latest minimally invasive procedure uses an FDA approved Co2 laser to treat the traditional feminine issues that arise from menopause and hormone deficiencies.

    • Urinary Incontinence Treatment

      Non-invasive approach to treat the problem with holistic inclusion of phsyiotherapy & kegel exercises.

    • Drop

      Growth factors from amniotic fluid.

    • Fillers

      Plasma gel and Hyaluronic acid based fillers.

    • Innovative & Dynamic Care Products

      Specialised at the rejuvenation of intimate areas.

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    Surgical reconstructive and Aesthetic Procedures include:

    • Labia plasty

      Minora & majora reduction or augmentation.

    • Clitoral hood

      Reducation and/or Lifting.

    • Vaginoplasty

      Surgical construction/reconstruction of the vagina.

    • Perineoplasty

      Procedures that can help to address conditions of the vagina & anus.

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