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An ‘abdominoplasty’ or a tummy tuck, is a surgical procedure that is used to remove excess skin, scars, stretch marks and fat from the abdominal area. The surgery can also tighten the muscles in the abdominal wall if required. The idea of undergoing an abdominoplasty involves flattening the abdomen and removing unwanted tissue.

For some individuals, ageing, pregnancy, and previous surgery or weight loss can leave you with extra skin and localized fat around your abdomen. A tummy tuck tones and sculpts your abdominal area for a more youthful, taut look.  It is especially favored by women after multiple pregnancies, which can cause sagging skin around the abdominal muscles.

After a tummy tuck surgery, a compression garment is often used to help optimize the recovery phase. As with any cosmetic surgery, it is crucial to adhere to any and all instructions and guidance from our expert cosmetic surgeons.


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    When should you consider an abdominoplasty?

    A full tummy tuck procedure can be very beneficial for men and women who have lost weight by making a lifestyle change (eating healthy and exercising regularly), but still struggle with excess skin, sagging skin and fat around the abdomen area.

    There are a few types of a tummy tuck, all used for body contouring, and removing skin and fat that are the remnants of excess weight lost.

    We know the struggles you may face with flabby skin, stretch marks and a protruding abdomen.

    They may have resulted either from pregnancy or after weight loss, and it may be an uphill task to lose them even after attempts at proper diet and exercise.

    This is where a tummy tuck becomes a permanent and elegant solution.

    What to expect from a Tummy Tuck or Abdominoplasty:

    During a tummy tuck, the plastic surgeon will remove excess fat along with tightening the tummy muscles (also known as the rectus muscles). Before that, the surgeon will evaluate if you have any stretch marks in the area. These can often be removed or made less noticeable.

    A full abdominoplasty involves scars around the umbilicus (belly button). If you only have skin laxity towards the lower part of the abdomen, a mini tummy tuck can be performed which won’t leave a scar around the umbilicus. A muscle tightening procedure can also be conducted with a mini-tummy tuck.

    The surgery does require the plastic surgeon to make a very low siting incision along your bikini line. If you are planning substantial weight loss or a future pregnancy, it is advisable to postpone the procedure until after, as this may compromise the result. However, pregnancy and normal delivery is completely safe after an abdominoplasty.

    During your consultation, you and your plastic surgeon can discuss any query you may have, including your medical history around conditions like blood clotting and consider the best option that suits your requirements and lifestyle.

    What you need to keep in mind is that a tummy tuck is not a quick weight loss option and therefore, needs to be carefully considered.

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    What happens during your tummy tuck consultation?

    • During your consultation at our speciality abdominoplasty clinic in Dubai, the surgeon will need to know all about the current medications you are taking and any serious illness you may have had in the past.
    • You will have your abdominal area examined, including medical photography that will be placed in your confidential medical file.
    • You will have to sign a consent form for taking, storing and using the photographs.
    • Your height and weight will be measured to ensure you are physically fit for the operation.
    • If you are planning a pregnancy soon, your surgeon might advise you to delay the procedure.

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