Skin Pigmentation

Fade Your Brown Spots

Indeed, the freckles are cute, but not for those who inhabit them. Clearly, often you have to hide them, need tons of coverage, and worst when there are too many.

How are Dark Spots and Brown Patches Formed?

Ironically they take no time to take effect and ages to get rid of; mainly, the reason for brown patches and dark spots is pigmentation due to skin exposure. Surely, the use of sun-screen is crucial to avoid these skin conditions.

Melanin is an essential element present in your skin balances that helps the skin fight many external elements such as weather, sun exposure, and may result in inflammation.



    For many women, hyperpigmentation may have been triggered due to a rise in estrogen levels or even certain medications. But, to figure it out, you may need to have blood work done to figure out the cause.


    Signs to Watch For:

    • Sunspots
    • Melasma
    • Slackening Cheeks
    • Fatiqued Eyelids
    • Deep lines portruding from the nose to the corners of the mouth
    • Lines on Neck

    How Can You Make Skin Pigmentation Fade?

    Our highly-experienced Skin Consultant in UAE provides many solutions to your skin problems. Our experts will assess your skin, run some blood work, and figure out the underlying cause.

    Because, sometimes when we think the problem may have been the reason for extra factors, but the problem is lying within. In our clinic, we offer skin peels and laser rejuvenation. Ideally, the peel sheds off all the dead skin with it, hence, clear skin.

    Moreover, with the help of laser technology, hyperpigmentation can be treated easily. Also, the laser breaks into the deposited Melanin. Often, depending on the skin, doctors may attempt to combine both treatments.


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