Cellfina Cellulite Treatment in Dubai

FDA-Approved and non surgical procedure

What is Cellfina Cellulite Treatment in Dubai?

This treatment is approved by the FDA and is the only non-surgical treatment to get rid of cellulite dimples. Moreover, it delivers lasting results and minimal downtime. The process is minimally invasive and mostly addresses the structural cause of cellulite, the connective bands throughout the fat.

The treatment is made comfortable and soothing by pairing it up with cool wave chills, which will counter the heat produced in the first step.




    What is Cellulite?

    Cellulite is the dimple-looking skin which can be found mostly on buttocks and thighs and is developed when the fatty tissues push up against the connective tissue. It is present in both genders but is mostly seen in women.

    The exact reason is still unknown, but we can say that this is caused when the connective tissue interacts with the dermatological layer below the skin surface. Above the fat layer, the tight bands in the area pull the skin downwards and create this dimple-line appearance.

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