Facial Hair Removal

Get rid of unwanted facial hair permanently using facial hair removal treatments.

What causes facial hair?

As humans, we have a mild to thick coat of hair on their body. In some parts of the body, this coat gets thicker and darker, while some have them as thin as peach fuzz. But, sometimes, the hair grows thick and dark in regions or parts of the body where it causes discomfort for an individual. Sometimes, women grow hair which is dark and thick in parts where classically men have hair in abundance and hair that regrows very fast. This condition is known as Hirsutism and is caused by excess male hormones known as ‘Androgens’ (also present in the female body).

The most common cause of excess body hair in women is the polycystic ovary syndrome, which is a hormonal disorder that causes the body to produce excess androgens. In some cases, thyroid which produces hormones that control metabolism and body temperature malfunctions, create an imbalance which results in excess body hair growth. Certain antipsychotic drugs and anti-seizure medications can speed up the abnormal growth of hair.


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    Get to know about the best facial hair removal treatment plans in Dubai

    Our expert skin consultants, help you devise a facial hair removal treatment plan after careful examination that factors in the skin type, skin tone, and hair density. Using laser technology, hair is easily removed on both skin tones, (dark or light). However, in some cases, hair density is hard to remove with lasers, so a bleach treatment helps make them invisible for many weeks.

    Another facial hair removal treatment plan is Electrolysis, that is performed on small patches. However, many other factors determine and decide the course of treatment.


    Signs that indicate you have facial hair:

    • Extra growth between eyebrows
    • Dark hair growth on upper lip area
    • Soft growth or peach fuzz on face
    • Growth on the neck, below the hairline
    • Thick growth on upper lips
    • Recurrent growth on chin
    • For men: hair spreading beyond the beard region

    Conventional treatment plans for Facial Hair Removal

    For many years, men and women have subjected themselves to the frequent torture of shaving, waxing, threading, or even plugging. Although these methods give clean and hair-free results for a few days or maybe a week, they are extremely painful.

    Repeating them may cause the skin to lose its elasticity, causing it to get dull.

    Not to mention, ingrown hair, burns, rash, bruises and cuts.


    Electrolysis is a treatment plan that works on skin cells and hair follicles across all skin types and tones.

    In this process, a tiny needle is inserted into the hair follicle, giving out a very low and safe level of an electric pulse. While reaching each follicle is a long and tedious procedure, the results it yields are worth the process.

    Laser Hair Removal

    This treatment involves aiming a concentrated beam of light at the hair follicle during its active growth phase, causing it to destroy the hair by absorbing the laser light.


    How to prepare for the best facial hair removal treatment in Dubai:

    Get a shave

    This depends on the advice your practitioner gives you before you go in for the session. Just make sure you get your hair shaved a good couple of hours in advance. Your skin should be bare and free of any moisturizer or cream before your hair removal treatment.

    Avoid rough hair removal procedures

    Plucking or waxing damages the hair follicles affecting the laser hair removal procedure. If you are going to fix an appointment for a laser session, make sure to stop other methods for a month before your laser hair treatment.

    Avoid UV exposure

    Postpone that tan in the outdoors, even if that means for a couple of minutes. Your recovery is faster with less exposure to the sun, as it can prevent blisters and swelling. If it isn’t possible, at least try putting on a sunscreen.

    Know your medications

    Some medications can affect the results of your procedure, especially antibiotics that are photosensitive, as getting a laser treatment could cause hyperpigmentation, or an extreme skin rash.

    What can you expect during a facial hair removal treatment?

    You might feel a slight discomfort over the procedure, but it will get over soon. The thinner the skin, the more sensitive you may feel.

    The time taken for the procedure will entirely depend on which body part is receiving the treatment. A full body hair laser removal will significantly last longer than just removing the hair around your arms.

    You might require a cold compress which could ease the rash-like redness or minor irritation that occurs after the laser treatment. Depending on the response of your skin to the treatment, everything will be back to normal in a matter of hours or a few days.

    Generally speaking, laser treatments cover six to ten sessions with each treatment addressing a different level of hair growth. The interval between two sessions is anywhere between 2 to 10 weeks. You won’t get coarse ingrown hairs, and after all your sessions, you will notice a significant hair reduction.

    What are the benefits of facial hair removal treatment?

    • Lasers selectively target dark, coarse hairs with precision while leaving the skin around undamaged.
    • It’s quick! Each pulse of the laser takes a fraction of a second and can treat many hairs together. Areas such as the upper lip can be treated in less than a minute.
    • Most patients can get rid of their hair permanently after an average of three to seven sessions.
    • There are no permanent scars or painful side effects.

    How fast is the recovery for facial hair removal treatment?

    It will take around 4 weeks from your last appointment for your skin to heal completely, although you might see results around the time of your first appointment.

    Facial hair removal in Dubai

    To know more about our permanent and painless hair removal procedures for all skin types, speak to our experts at Maison Lutétia Clinics in Dubai for the best facial hair removal treatment in Dubai.


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