Facial Hair

Remove Unwanted Hair Permanently

Facial hair is a massive let-down for many. And the process of growing again after waxing or shaving can make one weary and exhausted. Since facial skin is more sensitive than arm and legs, some important considerations are to be made.

What causes facial hair?

Homosapiens have mild to a thick coat of hair on their body. In some parts of the body, this coat gets thicker and darker, while some have as thin as peach fuzz.

But, sometimes, the hair grows thick and dark in regions or parts of the body where it causes discomfort for an individual.

Sometimes, women grow hair, which is dark and thick in parts classically men have hair in abundance and hair that regrow very fast. While, this condition is known as Hirsutism, is caused by an excess of male hormone known as Androgens, but present in the female body.



    Treatment Plans at Lutetia

    Here at our clinic, with our expert Skin Consultants, we devise a treatment plan after careful examination that factors in skin type, skin tone, hair density, etc.

    Ideally, with the help of laser technology, hair is easily removed on both skin types, dark or light tones. However, some hair density is hard to remove with laser, and for those cases, we use the laser to bleach treatment that helps make them invisible for many weeks.

    Another smart treatment plan is Electrolysis, which ideally is performed on small patches. However, many other factors determine and decide the course of treatment. And, here at Lutetia, we take complete care and ensure a satisfactory result for every unique case.


    Signs to Watch For:

    • Extra growth between eyebrows
    • Dark hair growth on upper lip area
    • Soft growth or peach fuzz on face
    • Growth on neck, below the hairline
    • Thick growth on upper lips
    • Recurrent growth on chin
    • For Men: hair spreading beyond the beard region

    Conventional Treatment Plans for Facial Hair

    For many years, men and women have been subjected themselves to frequent torture of shaving, waxing, threading, or even plugging. Although these methods give clean and hair-free results for a few days or maybe a week, they are extremely painful.

    Moreover, repeating them over and over again may cause the skin to lose its elasticity, may get dull, or even appear less fresh. Also, ingrown hair, burns, rash, bumps, and cuts are part of the package.


    Ideally, Electrolysis is a treatment plan that works on skin cells and hair follicles, and it is ideal for all skin types and tones.

    In this process, a tiny needle is inserted in the hair follicle. It gives a very low and safe level of an electric pulse to the hair follicle, causing damage to the follicle ideally. While reaching each follicle is a long and tedious procedure, but, the results it yields are worth the process.

    Laser Hair Removal

    For Laser Treatment, a concentrated beam of light, aim the hair follicle in its active growth phase, causing the follicle to destroy the hair by absorbing the laser light.


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