Laser Hair Bleaching in Dubai

Learn more about our Laser Hair Bleaching procedure

What is Laser Hair Bleaching?

There are times when we are sick of the extra hair on our face or anywhere. Shaving them can be hectic to do every day, and holds the risks of cut, waxing, or bleaching has the potential of adversely affecting your skin health and tone.

So, what should we do? Well, the laser hair bleaching done at Lutetia clinics is precisely what you want. There is no need for bleaching, waxing, or shaving when you can get rid of hair once and for all.

A few laser sessions can help you to relieve yourself and your body from unwanted hair. Our team will make sure that you achieve soft, smooth, and seamless skin by removing all those hair that you do not want.




    How Does It Work?

     The process is straightforward and extremely safe. Dark objects attract lasers, and this is why, when the laser moves on the hair, the melanin on the hair catches the laser. This way, the laser can easily target the hair and effectively remove them. Light hairs or baby hair are difficult to detect as they have a minimal amount of melanin, but don’t worry as our team will take care of that too.

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