Laser Hair Bleaching

Say goodbye to unwanted hair with our Laser Hair Bleaching treatment.

What is Laser Hair Bleaching?

There are times when we are sick of the extra hair on our face or anywhere. Shaving them can be hectic to do every day, and holds the risks of cutting, waxing, or bleaching which can adversely affect your skin health and tone.

So, what’s the best alternative? The laser hair bleaching treatment at Maison Lutétia Clinics in Dubai is precisely what would work for you. It avoids the processes of bleaching, waxing, or shaving, when you can get rid of hair once and for all.

A few laser sessions can help you to relieve yourself and your body from unwanted hair. Our team will ensure that you achieve soft, smooth, and seamless skin by removing all those hairs that you do not want.




    How Laser Hair Bleaching can help you

    The Laser Hair Bleaching process is straightforward and extremely safe. Dark objects attract lasers, and that’s why when the laser moves on the hair, the melanin on the hair catches the laser. This way, the laser can easily target the hair and effectively remove them. Light hair or baby hair are difficult to detect as they have a minimal amount of melanin, but our laser hair experts can take care of them efficiently.

    When should you consider a Laser Hair Bleaching treatment?

    One of the main issues of fine hair is that it can keep growing even after a permanent laser hair removal treatment, since the laser has no effect on such hairs. You can get rid of unwanted hair colour changes and make them invisible with a typical Laser Hair Bleaching treatment.

    What’s more important to note is that the treatment is non-surgical and non-invasive, with many benefits and no significant risks. Added to that is the assurance of this treatment being safer than traditional methods for hair bleaching.

    What is the procedure for Laser Hair Bleaching treatment?

    The procedure for bleaching the body and facial hair is a simple and safe process. It works by targeting the melanin in the baby hair shaft and bleaching it to make it invisible.

    What happens during the Laser Hair Bleaching treatment?

    When going in for a Laser Hair Bleaching treatment, do keep in mind that it takes about 15 minutes to complete. Our experts will first bleach the hair on the targeted area of the face or body using the help of lasers. After it is completed, the hair will change colour for about 2 weeks and then eventually fall off.

    How should you prepare for Laser Hair Bleaching treatment?

    We recommend no sunbathing before or for two weeks after the laser session. Sunscreen in general, is a great way to protect all the hard work you do to take care of your skin.

    What can you expect from the Laser Hair Bleaching treatment?

    It generally takes about 15 minutes to complete your Laser Hair Bleaching treatment., Our experts will bleach the hair on the targeted area on the face or body. The hair will change colour for about two weeks and then fall off, once your treatment is complete.

    After laser hair bleaching, the fine hair will reappear after 6-8 weeks. However, they will be the same in texture and color. So, candidates need a follow-up session to keep the unwanted fine hair invisible. However, the number of sessions depends on the candidate’s hair quality and the number of unwanted hairs.

    What are the benefits of the Laser Hair Bleaching treatment?

    • Laser Hair Bleaching is a non-surgical and non-invasive procedure.
    • It’s easy on your hair and causes minimal pain or discomfort.
    • It’s a fairly quick procedure and achieves natural-looking, long-lasting results.
    • It removes unwanted baby hair that cannot be removed with laser hair removal.
    • It works for all skin types, including darker skin tones.
    • It’s proven to be safe for the entire body, except for the eye area.

    Laser Hair bleaching treatment in Dubai

    Looking for proven and reliable treatment from the best laser hair bleaching experts in Dubai? Just drop in or visit Maison Lutétia Clinics today and book an appointment.


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