Laser Carbon Peel in Dubai

Learn more about our Laser Carbon Peel procedure

What is a Laser Carbon Peel?

Carbon is a magical element and the essence of life. It has been found in almost everything present in the world. This justifies its significance. But when used for skin treatments, it has some pretty amazing features to exhibit. It penetrates the skin and sticks to the skin cells, oil droplets, and other impurities inside your skin and allows them to be evaporated afterward in the process. This promotes a very firm and plump skin, which is soft to the touch and very fresh in appearance. It also boosts the production of collagen and elastin inside the skin, optimal for healthy and radiant skin. Besides, the results of this fantastic process are further enhanced by the Medical LED therapy session. This was first developed by NASA when they used light to regenerate cells and speed up the growth of plants and healing in humans. This method came as a significant dermatologic advancement in the market.




    When to consider a Laser Carbon Peel?

    Many people want to know that when the right time to get a carbon peel is. We want to tell you that every time in the year is suitable for this process. It cleanses your pores, takes out any acne or blackheads, tightens and shrinks your pores so that no such happens again.

    Furthermore, it helps add a glow to your complexion and makes your skin appear clean and bright. Patients can add a hair bleaching session for the face and neck to take the process to an entirely new level.

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