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What is the reason behind changes in Skin's nature?

If you are worried about your skin, then worry no more. We, here at Maison Lutétia ensure, to bring you rejuvenated and healthier-looking skin.

Skin is the largest organ of the human body and protects us from many external factors such as heat, weather, trauma, germs, and bacteria. Provided that skin takes a lot of toll from all these factors, and these effects start showing on the skin.

Moreover, hormonal changes and aging bring radical changes to the skin too. At a certain age, ideally, in the thirties, skin natural repair systems slow down just like metabolism with age. With an average fourteen-day cycle, the skin cells repair themselves.

But, after crossing thirty, the process slows down; hence start accumulating dead skin on Epidermis. Due to dead skin, the skin starts looking dull, causing skin look some toner duller than it originally was.


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    Similarly, the skin also stops maintaining the moisture on Epidermis, and that may result in dry skin. Now, these factors, in combination, bring a deep-seated change.

    Forthwith, at forty, comes the estrogen drop and menopause. Naturally, these factors make skin drier, because of the lack of elastin and collagen, skin loses its taut appearance. Here are some signs you should watch for in changes you may notice in the skin.


    Signs to Watch For:

    • Dry Skin
    • Broken Blood Vessels
    • Dulling Complexion
    • Red Blotches
    • Discolored Patches
    • Dark Patches

    How to combat These Signs?

    Hydrate! This factor cannot be emphasized enough. Ideally, there are two ways to hydrate, with oral intake and application externally.

    For this reason, drink plenty of water throughout the day; eat vitamin, antioxidant, and mineral-rich fruits, vegetables and nuts. Correspondingly, get ample sleep daily and exercise.

    Sometimes, the skin needs extra care, and for that reason, Lutétia is the place for all your skin solution. Here, with our Expert Skin Consultant, after careful consultation can offer you facials, peel, Skin boosters, RF-Micro Needling, Laser & other procedures, as per your skin’s need.

    Ideally, our Expert Skin Consultants in Dubai will be able to guide you properly for skincare in the consultation and help rejuvenate skin.

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