What exactly is a Mommy Makeover?


We caught up with our very own Dr Rieka Taghizadeh to talk about our mommy makeover procedure. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the mommy makeover is one of the most popular combinations of cosmetic treatments. The mommy makeover is a procudure that is very popular with mothers and women as Dr Rieka herself explains.

Details on the procedure:

In Dr Rieka's words:

"The mommy makeover is, certainly in my book and my patient category, for ladies who have done all the hard work and have had their children and sacrificed for their family. This can put stresses on the body like going through pregnancies sometimes breast feeding.

As we age all of our bodies change. The changes can happen in our bodies for a variety of reasons. For women these reasons can include hormonal influences which change over time. Childbirth has quite a significant impact on aspects of women's bodies, most importantly the abdomen and the breasts.

Patients I have seen for mommy makeover procedures tend to be of the mind that they have done everything in their lives up to now for their families and now they want to focus a bit of attention on themselves.

Seeking a refined and more confident version of themselves, patients are often seeking to address areas of the body that can cause low self-esteem and affect mental health and wellbeing. One of the procedures that is often sought after by patients underoing a mommy makeover is the tummy tuck in Dubai.  Most of the time the changes we see are caused by pregnancy-related changes.

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